Delivery error - UPS sucks!


I’m open to any help or ideas on this…

Here’s my problem:
Well, my package shows delivered, but when I called UPS they said that the initial address on the package was my billing address (which is a PO box so they cannot deliver it there). Somehow they were able to change the address to my home address (without calling me, no less). Now they say it was delivered to that address and signed for by someone with a completely different last name (and I don’t even know anyone with that last name!). So, what do I do? UPS says that the shipper has to initiate a trace. I think it’s lame because their driver delivered this package God knows where! It’s their screwup! So, am I out my money and my item (the Rio Forge, btw)?

I’ve never had to deal with this before. Please help!


if you haven’t already sent woot an email, go ahead and do that…


Did send an email yesterday. No answer as of yet. Just wondering if there is something else that I needed to do.

I’m worried since UPS says that they delivered it to the right place, but they didn’t.