Delivery Notifications & SwiShip Updates

I’m not receiving shipment status updates once my Woot! orders are sent via SwiShip.

More importantly, timely notification update are lacking with shipments immediately after real time status changes to PACKAGE DELIVERED

I think SwiShip is Amazon adjacent or related–but I’ve searched for available options within my Amazon account settings --(like Amazon Pay)–with zero success.

I keep finding packages HOURS after they’ve arrived because there’s no Automatic Shipment Tracking or Notification by email or the faster way with SMS/text to phone.
I get Woot! email delivery announcements several hours after the packages have arrived. Today, it’s been 6 hrs delay and no email received yet–While enroute to mailbox I discovered the package which had been quietly placed on porch this morning.

Hi there. SwiShip is the way to track orders shipped from Amazon warehouses (aka Amazon Logistics). For us to send the email, we have to get notification from Amazon that they shipped the item. Could be there’s a delay in that communication.

I think we’re kinda at their mercy here but I’ll ask some techs on our side if it’s something we can look into.

Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for hearing me out and taking time to reply!

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