Dell 11-3185 11" AMD 2-in-1 Touch Notebook

Dell 11-3185 11" AMD 2-in-1 Touch Notebook

Specs say 10/100/1000 Ethernet but pictures don’t show an Ethernet port.

Correct. It does not have an Ethernet port:; Still thinking of getting it for price and form factor.

I like this for the price. I wish it had a larger gb hard drive. I want to travel so external won’t really work. hmmm… decisions, decisions.

Sorry about that. We’ve fixed the error in the specs.

DO NOT BUY. As a PC tech I have ran across many Windows 10 PC’s with a 32GB hard drive. You CANNOT update Windows 10. Between the OS and updates there is not even room to install Office or most any programs. If you format the PC and install 32 bit Windows you can almost use the PC to surf the web. NEVER buy a Windows 10 PC unless the storage drive is 64GB or larger.


You forget that the HDD\SSD and RAM are upgradeable. Check out this image I found: inspiron_11_3000|690x388

Biggest issue is the ability to play HD content from what I’ve read…


We really want you to have this notebook so we’ve lowered the price. Buy them ALL. PLEASE!

If you already purchased, that money will hop back in your pocket soonish.

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There are two versions of this model. One has a standard 500 Gb 5400 rpm hard drive and the ram can be expanded to 8Gb. These have 4Gb of ram and 32Gb of eMMC memory as the hard drive, all soldered in. If these have the internal card reader you can use it for extra storage but I’m not sure if there is a size limit, some may only recognize a 32 or 64 Gb card.

Beware these are non upgradeable. The specs are terrible and you can not carry out common task without it running out of storage.