Dell 13.3" FHD Intel i7 256GB 2-in-1 Touch Laptop

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Dell 13.3" FHD Intel i7 256GB 2-in-1 Touch Laptop
Price: $579.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Monday, Aug 21 to Thursday, Aug 24) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I bought mine from the Dell outlet just a few weeks ago and LOVE this laptop. Paid about 100 more (but got 8GB more memory and Win 10 Pro, which I need for business.) The design is ultrabook style. And the folks at work all turn their heads when I flip it over and use it like an iPad for reading tech blogs or checking Woot! sales over lunch. Very nice touch screen. And a great price as always! LOVE the back-light on the keyboard. And finally…mine has the Windows “Hello” web camera and I log in simply by looking at the screen! The device is the perfect size…not too small and not too big. Very slim.

Thank you for the great write up.

Although this model, the 5378, does not allow logging in with the camera via Windows Hello, as it is not equipped with an Intel RealSense/3D camera. I was kind of bummed when my scratch and dent from Dell’s outlet (speced exactly the same as this offer) arrived and I wasn’t able to use that feature. So far my only gripe is that the bezels are larger than I would have hoped. A list of Dell models that currently support Windows Hello facial recognition can be found here.

Whats the deal with the taxes? I’m looking at another option from Amazon at $620, with no estimated tax fee, but in Woot I get a $40 tax estimate which puts it at the same cost. So where is the discount?

How long is the battery life?