Dell 14.1" Dual-Core i5 Laptop

Horrible laptop, would be an OK laptop in 2005, but unless all you want to do is play games from 2003, it’s useless.

p.s. It probably doesn’t come with Microsoft Office either

It has an i5 processor which has plenty of power. That is good enough for most users. What would you expect for $250?

A nice new netbook.

Agreed. An I5 for $250 is a great first laptop for a middle school kid or even HS. The only issue is the square screen.

I have an HP similar to this I use as the shared family machine but I have a nice monitor & keyboard attached so the square video monitor isn’t an issue.

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Dell 14.1" Dual-Core i5 Laptop
Price: $249.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Friday, Feb 21 to Wednesday, Feb 26) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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These are probably corporate lease returns. They work pretty well for general interweb usage.

This looks a lot like the Dell Latitude E6410 I use at the office.

If it is, make sure you update the BIOS and all drivers from Dell’s site, as one of the chief problems I had initially with it was laggy MP3s.

True, this isn’t exactly a work-related task, but my previous Dell (a relatively ancient D600) almost never missed a beat, whereas this one would skip numerous times on a track especially if lots of other activity was occurring. A bit of a shocker for a new laptop to seem to have trouble with something so basic as music playback.

I wrote a blog post with some ways to mitigate the issues I ran into.

I do C# and ASP.NET development on mine, it does okay but you’d definitely want to max out the RAM and get a 7200rpm hard drive or SSD.

This would make a nice media server and the HD is expandable so no need for the USB3.0 ports. If I hadn’t just got a cheap Toshiba for about the same price (6gb ram, 750gb drive) I would be in for one.

Yeah…I’ve had a similar laptop for the past 3 years, but mine’s an i7 with double the memory. It still works fine for ssh and rdp sessions to work’s vpn.

If you dump Windows 7 and put Xubuntu, Mint, or OpenSuSE on it, you’ll see the hardware is just fine. This is far more powerful than tablets these days. It’s just not a gaming laptop. (I still refuse to game on laptops beyond solitare out of principal)

This is my everyday work computer. It’s a perfectly usable i5, fairly quick in basic operation. I use MS Office, Firefox, and some light statistical software (Stata).

Applications run fine. The main drawback is that the thing takes FOREVER to boot and a long time for apps to load. This is probably because my company loads it up with security stuff and other software I don’t understand, but it seriously takes 5-10 minutes for me to go from powering on to getting work done. (This includes logging on to our VPN and starting an application or two.)

I imagine a cleaner windows install would work much better than my setup.

One nice thing about these corporate laptops is that they are pretty sturdy. No bumps or bruises, and I take it home almost every night.

Honestly, at this price I can pretty easily recommend it. Especially if you can keep Windows running smoothly (I can’t) or are willing to swap the HD for a SSD. I would get happily buy one for my grade-school kids to pound on if we didn’t already have a sacrificial Samsung at home.

Not a bad idea.

A buddy of mine bought a Toshiba “gaming” laptop a few years ago. The design is such that it tends to overheat relatively easily (certainly the inherently compact design of a laptop doesn’t help), and at some point recently he suspects that a crack has developed somewhere on the motherboard or video card from the expansion / contraction; now if he tries any intense 3D gaming it tends to randomly shut down.

Assuming the video card is bad, it’s proprietary so it’s not only hard to find but also costs around $450 to replace.

I’ll play CIV 5 or DOS games on my laptop, but not much else.

I’ve been forced to use one of these for the last 3 years at work. While it’s true it does basic work related tasks almost adequately it’s pretty lack luster. I even put an SSD in it (against company policy) and it performs only slightly better.

It’s refurb which means it’s probably off lease which means someone else hated it for 3 years already…

I really can’t recommend these. If anything I would put one of these in the hands of someone who has nothing or a day care or something to that effect.

Woot is really playing people here… They had this on sale for the same price just last week. I guess they figure people will say “Hey it’s a woot off I better get one before they’re gone! I’ll look it up later!”


We use these laptops for intern and for training and have slowly been tossing them in the electronic recycling bin as we get new models in.

I can’t say we ever had any issues with them. They tend to heat up when the fan/cooling gets clogged with dust (just needs to be cleaned out with canned air). Additionally, if you purchase this you may also want to purchase a 9 cell battery for it to have a spare.