Dell 15.6" Intel i7 Workstation & Dock

Why in the heck would you take such a powerful machine and then absolutely cripple it with a 720p display?

Just idiotic.

I’ve used an M4600 and M4700 (typing on one now in fact) for years, and they are solid, reliable, performant machines, but my god, I can’t fathom why you would buy (or why Dell would even make) a 720p version. I guess if you intend to keep it docked most of the time, no big deal, but at that point, why not spend a fraction of this price and get a full workstation machine?

Oh well. Awesome specs, and definitely a worthwhile buy if you can get past the 720p display.

Check out the product page

CPU Benchmarks

Here’s a little bit of “clarification” from our buyer:

First and foremost, we buy close outs and we do not configure the close outs ourselves. This unit has a significant discount because it is a close out!

And this is a workstation, designed to be docked most of the time. If you’re docked and using a monitor, the device’s resolution isn’t as important as the monitor’s.

That said, to satisfy the screen resolutions snobs, we have a sale with a Samsung 28” 4K Monitor. :tongue:

We got some of these at work. They suck massively. Between the lousy brick-sized power adapter and crash-happy drivers, this is one computer that I was really thrilled to get rid of. The MacBook Pro 15" that replaced it has been an absolute dream.

I have an hp 8570w workstation I use for work. My mobile workstation is rarely undocked. I need it docked to get high res my built in display can’t get me. I also travel often and need the hefty computing power on the road. I just bring an extra mini-dp cable and hdmi cable to plug in at our remote offices. The only thing I use my notebook for when not docked is for occasional web and email at the airport. So for me, its far more important to have the computing power. As far as why someone wouldn’t just go buy a workstation for less… Have you ever tried to put a tower workstation in your laptop bag? They don’t fit too well and weigh around 50lbs. As far as value, go build this on Appears to cost over $4400 to build the notebook alone. Dock is another $190. Great deal for the right user.

I agree, this is a $3000 box and an HD panel is only a $56. upgrade.

Lame screen. I almost bought one of these years ago when I was looking for a photo editing rig, but of course I was looking at the higher res IPS screen only workstations seemed to have.

I spent much less on a fully featured desktop I built myself and paired it with two HP 21.5" IPS monitors from WOOT. Came with a stand too, and all for about $300 shipped!

Can’t say I’ve seen to many deals as nice since then but I’ll keep hoping.

Hard to justify dumping that much money on a workstation unless you don’t mind the resolution, need the 3-year warranty, and can utilize the dock. These are also user-serviceable to a degree greater than consumer laptops. Bummer on the power brick and driver issues reported in an earlier post, though.

Given that woot has sold really specific items like workstation graphics cards this computer doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. I hope some people find it to be a good deal! You won’t see a 3 year warranty on a laptop anywhere else. these are supposed to be really durable, too.

I deploy these for my job and I can say that if you use it for mobility, a 720p screen is going to haunt you. Its bulky, heavy, and without the pretty IPS high res panel, its not worth it IMO.

However, if you want to connect to the dock primarily, it is a very fast machine. Not sure if it is the same inside as ours but it does have an extra 2.5” bay. 32gb ram is max. The dock will support 3 monitors I believe: VGA, dvi, displayport. There is an expanded dock available from dell as well as a monitor stand for the dock. A 96wh “wedge” battery is also available from dell that attaches to the dock port.

Down side… We have been having issues with the video cards failing on these m4800s and I think they are the nvidia 2100. Just thought I would mention that. Warranty will take care of that if it has a problem and the fans are very easy to replace if they wear out.

Also the lid latch is very very annoying as you need to push the button and lift the lid at the same time but there is no grip on the lid -_- poor design.

Cost-ish (usually ads another $100+ to the price) and if mostly docked, then they usually have a nice higher res screen attached. If you then buy dozens of these at a time, and not many people will need or benefit from the more expensive screen, it really adds up.

I also have a few users at our office who I have ordered larger screen laptop models for yet kept the 720p option because they are older and their eyes aren’t so great anymore.

It’s pointless to get 1080p because then they have scaling turned up and all their icons and such turned up, so it makes it look like a 720 anyway. Waste of money at that point.

And you would be surprised how nice the 720p screens can look for most people. Personally, ALL of my laptops (work and personal) have the 1080 screens, I crave the resolution. I rock a E5540 myself with the 1080 screen and nVidia GPU, special ordered that way when I started working at my current job. Now I do all the sourcing/ordering for our laptop fleet, and its all 720, unless the user specifies they need more, and I’ll special order one off the Outlet (or places like Woot when I see the Latitudes pop up).

…basically they make a laptop for all users…something for everyone.

I mean it’s downright comical that you would design a system with these specs and not have, at the very least, a 1920x1080 panel on this. Yeah I understand it has a dock and you can hook up whatever monitor to want, but to put 32gb of RAM into a laptop and not to splurge the extra $25 on a better panel is criminal and should be illegal. Pixel whores unite!
2006 Dell laptop 1920 x1200 resolution
Dell is going backwards.

Is it the GPU itself, or is it another poorly designed heatsink?

The E6400/6410 models were notorious for that. Ours all started having overheating GPU issues left and right starting last year, so we pulled the HSF off, cleaned it up, replaced the northbridge pad, new arctic silver CPU paste, and replaced the GPU pad with a copper shim and CPU paste. Rock solid now. The E6320 seems to have suffered the same fate on some of ours as well. New CPU paste and some cleaning seems to have taken care of most of those as well.

I’m not as familiar with the Precision line, but very familiar with the Latitude line, I would assume they use some similar parts or design.

Interestingly enough, it looks like you could have ordered one of these new with 3200x1800 screen!!


Perhaps that was the only option at the time…720P cheap, or $700ish plus (found one reference on option price) for the QHD+ screen.

***edit, it came with the 720, 1080, and the 1800 ($$$) from what I see.

This rig is more expensive than the rigs I buy, but these CPU and memory specs make me think about really useful oomph for audio rendering more than about undocked screen resolution.

What about the cost of buying all new software for a totally new operating system?

Good discussion on resolution here.

I’ll throw in my 2¢…

This is a business-class computer.

Having worked in both school districts and companies that deployed MANY computers, they’re looking for the best bang for their buck. That means a 1366x760 display. For most people, that is more than adequate to do their work. Then you buy a few computers that are beefed up a bit more for those that need it to do their work.

We buy computers on close-out and ready-made. These computers represent whats out there in the big companies.

This computer will give you great computing power in a sturdy build that’s made for traveling, moving, and abuse.

And for the statistics loving wooters, 1366x768 accounted for about 20% of the displays in 2/2014. The remaining 80% were divided among 16 other sizes.

1920x1080 is obviously gaining popularity but it will be a while before it’s the norm in business-class computers. Cost is the driving factor there.

Can this be loaded with Win7? My CAD software isn’t compatible with anything other than Win7… For those wondering, I use Catia v5 release 18 thru 21 depending on the customer…

We use DELL exclusively @ the college campus I work at. 600+ devices at our campus alone (we have 5 campus’s and mine is one of the smaller ones). Our BIGGEST issues are power supplies (desktops). We just refreshed over 300 desktops with 3020’s and were getting in around 100 laptops to replace the aging but tanks, 6420’s. Don’t recall the replacement models but was told they were “cheaper” versions. In the past 18 months, we have replaced around 20 powersupplies, around 3 HDD’s and 2 MB’s and 1 laptop power brick. Considering the use they get (abuse). I’d say they (dell) are pretty reliable. My experience w/home user products, they suck. But out of the box, the image that we made/installed had the most updated drivers (from dell, not microcrap)and we updated the BIOS. Out of the 4000+ pcs/laptops we have, not one is a Apple. The policy from the top, we do not support apple. Not even staff phones. (we do on the side though… :wink: )

As far as the resolution, this is a workstation, not a playstation.

Yes, Windows 8 Professional includes downgrade rights. You will need to locate the correct drivers though.