Dell 15.6" Intel i7 Workstation & Dock

LOL My job issued me one of these for some computer security classes. Been using it about a two months.

  • Mine has 256GB SSD and regular 1TB harddrives installed.
  • We run a lot of Linux Virtual Machines. That plus like 10tabs open for browsing at the same time and I’ve only heard the fan(s?) turn on one time.

  • Machine boots up quick, handles calculations with ease (one number-crunching exercise which was supposed to take “hours” was done in 20min), and the RAM really makes the VMs run well.

  • Pickiness about resolution is excessive IMO, looks sharp enough at arm’s length (where I type), and yes an external monitor is a great add-on.

  • This machine is heavy but

  • the battery life is good enough I don’t even plug it in at home. Get several hours of usage with 50% battery left. Charge it at class and it’s g2g…

  • Plenty of USB ports on each side make thumbdrives and portable harddrives and mouse etc… easy to use.

++ Full-size numberpad, separate home/end buttons, “Calc” and media buttons are awesome. (opens up windows calculator with one touch!)

  • I don’t like the “two handed open” if you have closed the screen.

We’re running win7 on the machines.

That about sums it up. It has a low end gpu because this build is for computing power, using applications not gaming. Don’t really need 1080p to read my emails. Good incite.

You don’t need high definition to watch video either. If you’re only reading emails, this laptop is probably not your best fit. The Nvidia Quadro isn’t for gaming it’s made for CAD software but it’s still graphics rendering not “computing power”. It’s plain silly configuring a laptop with these specs and omitting at least a full HD panel. It’s the equivalent of having a Porshe 911 and putting bicycle tires on it.

I couldn’t agree more. I just bought one for running a SPH hydrocode; she’ll be docked and burning through calculations. With the 32GB memory, 512GB SSD, and i7-4940MX, it almost feels like she was custom made for this task. I can’t wait to see how she stacks up to my i7-4770K driven desktop on our test case simulations.

Please excuse the dumb question, but does the 3 year warranty apply to the docking station AND the laptop? or does the warranty only apply to the docking station? IMO it could be interpreted both ways.

If NO, what is the actual warranty on the laptop?


Not a dumb question at all. Laptop is three years and dock is one year. We should have called the dock out separately. We’ll get that fixed.

Dangnabit I pulled the trigger without noticing this, I sure hope it applies to both