Dell 18" Full-HD Portable AIO Touch Desktop

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Dell 18" Full-HD Portable AIO Touch Desktop
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XPS 18-1820

XPS 18-1820 User’s Manual

I have owned one of these for about a year. i3 version. Overall I like the tablet.
But those silly plastic hinged “legs” are horrible, Real easy to break,. They also have built in magnets that help the legs stay closed when not in use… until the glue fails.

I would suggest being very careful with the legs, or buying the optional stand/charger.

Fantastic device . I’ve had two of these for almost two years now and I admit they are awesome.

I use them for studying online courses and my wife uses them for taking classes or watching movies while working on her PC.

I have the XPS placed under my 24inch monitor. Had to place the monitor on books so I could raise it high enough for this .
Once raised the XPS18 fits almost under the monitor and rests on the lower bezel of the monitor. With this set up I’m able to follow along online tutorials on the the XPS18 and work on my PC without straining any neck muscles. Looking up - I see PC’s LCD, avert my eves downward I see the XPS.
Great device with many uses ;plus the built-in battery runs the tablet for a few hours.
good for playing monopoly on a large tablet.

I’ve had mine for two years and had the same issue with the magnets. Hot glue fixed them and they have stayed fixed.

Most (if not all) of my issues have been with Win 8 and not the XPS18 itself. Great device that fills a niche.

Maybe its me but does not seem much of a value or discount.
I have the i5 model that I bought from Bestbuy just before Christmas and paid not counting tax around $900 for it.

Mine has the i5, 12Gb ram and a 1 Tb hd.
This has an i3, 4Gb ram and 500 Gb hd, and claim retail being what I paid for mine.

When I first saw it and saw the $550 price I was like “Oh ya I’m getting another one” but was let down to see it was the lower end unit.

So far I like the one I have or I would have not considered getting another one.

This unit with the specs it has, I would like to see it around $350.

I had one of these. My digitizer failed quickly and they swapped the entire unit. On both the original and my replacement, the glass kept coming loose in the top corners on me. I had the screen replaced and the glass was doing the same thing before the tech even left.

At first I thought I had terrible luck. Then I checked one we had at work and a couple at Best Buys in my area when I was out and about.

All of them “popped” in the corners when I pushed the glass. I ended up getting a refund on mine through Dell. I just didn’t think the amount of money I spent was worth having something that would continue to have this problem.

The glue on the legs on my replacement failed basically immediately. I re-affixed it with better contact adhesive.

They’re not the easiest things to get in and fix if you want to upgrade, but they ARE workable. 4GB of RAM is soldered to the board, and you can add up to 8GB more(the 16GB SODIMM I tried didn’t work). The hard drive is a bit of a pain to get at, but it can be replaced with an SSD.