Dell 23" Full-HD LED-backlit IPS Monitor

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Dell 23" Full-HD LED-backlit IPS Monitor
Price: $199.99
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Reviews over at Newegg

Is there something I am missing here? I bought 4 24" 1080P monitors for like $120/ea over 2 years ago.

I see that most of the NewEgg reviewers paid about 190 for their monitors. Now I’m not actually whining about the “Woot of old”, no. Things change. But I find it interesting that a group of guys and girls who couldn’t find real jobs back in 2002 managed to negotiate better deals out of a warehouse than the corporate mega-giant who eventually absorbed them. Kudos to the employees of old who are still there, and I share your pain every time you cringe at some of the decisions that are made in the new environment.
Oh, btw, fantastic monitor.

Yes. These are IPS monitors which have accurate color, an absolute neccessity for serious photo and graphic work. The cheap TN monitors you bought are fantastic for most people, but don’t deliver the accurate color that IPS monitors can.

This is a much nicer monitor than those cheap $120 TN LCD monitors at Staples. Much nicer in just about every way…

  • IPS panel in it makes for better colors.
  • Lots of ports, including Display Port and USB (no HDMI, but there are cheap adapters available if that matters).
  • Really flexible stand, including the ability to rotate the display to portrait view.

It appears the going rate when most places were clearing it out was about $190. But it is now out of stock most places or priced much higher. Seems like a more Woot-appropriate price would have been $175 or less, not $205 including shipping.

If you don’t care about the pile of ports or the flexible stand, Best Buy has a Dell Ultrasharp 23" IPS monitor for $150, shipped free.

Not as bright (250 cd/m^2 vs 300) but claimed higher dynamic contrast (8,000,000:1 vs 2,000,000) vs this Woot.

shit That was a test. Wow, it’s true the auto-censor filters on Woot have been dialed back.

It’s a 6-bit colour with FRC, methinks not. It is better than 6-bit colour TN, I grant you that.