Dell 24" UltraSharp Full-HD LED-backlit Monitor

The most expensive Dell monitor in this sale has an aspect ratio of 16 x 10. The one for 250 is 16 x 9 but is a newer model. It has two display ports and HDMI ports in. And 4 or 5 USB 3 ports instead of USB 2 ports on the more expensive one. They are all IPS panels that go up and down, tilt, and swivel. The cheaper one is clearly a much newer model. And uses half the power than the more expensive one. Moreover, you can buy it at B&H photo for five dollars more and no tax outside of New York. Which means with w00t shipping they are the same price and you would save about 20 bucks in tax if you lived in California. I like 16 x 10, but not for more money and fewer features and an older model.

Otherwise, I’m going to wait for 4K 28 inch OLED with HDMI 2.

For $10 more you can get the U2415 which is several years newer, has USB 3 ports instead of USB 2, and has a much thinner bevel around the top and sides, perfect for multiple monitor setup.

I actually own both the U2412 (on it now) and the U2415 (replaced the U2412 at the office, hence why it’s now at home).

The quality is almost identical. I LOVE the 1960 x 1200 resolution vs 1080. The extra vertical resolution is really useful.

If you’re in the market for a higher end monitor, skip this and grab the U2415 on Amazon for $10 more.