Dell 3020 Micro Desktop + Monitor Bundle

Dell 3020 Micro Desktop + Monitor Bundle

I’d consider buying one if you could just buy the computer. Why would I want a monitor with resolution from 2002? I’ve got monitors better than this at the house that I haven’t turned on in close to 10 years that I still haven’t gotten rid of. Now you want me to have get rid of another?


Same - better yet, I’d just use it as a home server… who needs the monitor at all?!

I literally had to come take a closer look at the monitor. This is inexplicable.

I was thinking maybe they should have an option for “No Monitor” for only $50 more.

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Still cheaper with the monitor then same available @ newegg. Use the monitor as a second screen or stick it with the computer you are replacing to have a backup. In for 4 of’em.

Was looking for something like this for a client with a tight budget having to face upgrading from 7 to 10 by January. The monitors will end up in other clients’ server rooms attached to headless servers. Customers always like something free.

It’s asinine that I’m getting stuck with a monitor that I don’t need or want. Like I said I’ve got a monitor better than this that has been sitting in a closet for close to a decade because I’m lazy. Now I have to take another monitor that I don’t want to get something I do want.

donate it?

This price is ridiculous for a refurb bundle.

There are plenty of refurb deals for a 3020. And without the worthless monitor offered here that’s worth about $12. And some have the i5 for less than this bundle. This isn’t a deal in any way for a refurbed 8 year old processor to begin with.

is Haswell really 8 years old.