Dell 31.5" Full-HD IPS Monitor with HDMI

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Dell 31.5" Full-HD IPS Monitor with HDMI
Price: $149.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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3/24/2018 - $149.99

Purchased the last time around. No complaints - works great, shipped quickly. Is it the latest technology - no but you can"t beat the price.

Is the screen shiny or a matte finish?

unless your eye sight is really bad, there is no reason for such a low resolution on a monitor this big. No thanks.

Funny, I bought one, also, last time it was offered and I have been working on it for the last 3 weeks and never noticed if it is shiny or matte. I will check later. Whatever it is, it works great for me.

My graphics look good!

Got one last time, I really like it! Games look fine, granted I am only playing MMOs and not super high shooter killers but no problems here yet.

Oh, and the screen is shiny.

I got this last time around. I have ZERO complaints about the “low resolution” mentioned above, and I’m one of those peeps that can tell instantly if a tv is in standard, high, or 4k definition.

Here is something to note, drum roll… It’s almost too big to work on a normal desk in front of you for normal purposes. I’ve slid mine ALL THE WAY BACK and I haven’t decided if it’s still too obnoxiously big. I’m used to dual monitors, at the house I have dual 16:9 21" screens. Other office I have a single 27". But this extra 4 inches is OBNOXIOUSLY large. I have a laminate countertop as a desk, 26" deep, and this screen really need to be another 6-8 inches away.

I’ve been using it a week, and haven’t decided if it’ll stay, or I’ll swoop it out with the 27" Samsung I also got.

Seriously, it’s THAT BIG. before you buy, pull out a tape measure, check it out, put something that size on your desk, decide if you can use it.

When I took mine out of the box, I thought wow this thing is big. Since I work on alot of open screens at one time, I like the way I can resize the screens and organize them. I had 2 monitors before so the distance across two monitors was pretty big, but I don’t have to move my head right and left so much to view everything. I got used to the size pretty quick. It is also good if you have two people working on a project on the monitors at the same time, like editing or taxes or projects that have two people looking at a monitor. The second person can sit back and still see the screen. Don’t have to swap seats to see the screen close-up.
The weird part of my install is, as an experiment, that I connected this monitor via the VGA port to the VGA port on the computer and might even add my smaller HDMI monitor to the HDMI port on the computer. Fortunately, my desk is big enough to support both monitors.

… and that problem description illustrates the resolution of this monitor is too low for its size for your use case.

The low resolution relative to its size means font sizes matching that resolution will be large enough that you will not really gain additional screen landscape to show more windows. The low resolution will encourage you to push the monitor away from you to make the font sizes more natural.

Whereas hiigher resolution monitor will allow you to properly display the font sizes smaller so the monitor can be placed closer to you and display more windows… naturally and more comfortably.

Think of a larger, higher resolution monitor as combining a couple smaller monitors into one physical display - with the same resolution density as separate monitors.

When you spread the same resolution over a larger space you don’t actually gain more everyday workspace.

Two use cases where this inexpensive larger monitor can make some sense:

  1. it is used primarily for streaming video content and you don’t care about 4K.

  2. As noted by the first “resolution skeptic” above, you have really poor vision.

1080 + 8ms…no dice.

Um someday you will get old and your eyes won’t be what they use to be. Assuming your lucky enough to make it that far.

For those who have this monitor, do you know if it supports text displaying properly if the monitor is positioned vertically?

A big monitor at low resolution is also helpful in case you have an older video card that just doesn’t support higher than 1080.

All monitors will display in portrait mode. Change in Windows from landscape (Horizontal) to portrait (Vertical).

It’s ridiculous to think someone is going to buy this and stretch their email screen to fill up the entire monitor and get poor resolution. You size your dividual screens down to what you want. The beauty is when you need multiple screens open, like for stock trading it is great.
The screens are resized to be the same size as before, you just have a lot more screens open. In those cases where you need a screen or 2 or 3 larger, you can do that. All these resolution issues people speak about is if they take one screen and stretch it to fill one huge monitor. Who does that?

Actually, low res + bad eyesight = worst possible vision.

If you have old eyes like me, the sharper the image the better.

I run 4x24"@1080. I’d only buy this for people who can’t see so good. This thing sucks for abou split screen. Personally I’d look for a TV instead.

I bought one of these NIB for $180 (on-sale) at a warehouse club a few weeks back.

Ultimately ended up returning it, mainly because it was too heavy for the adjustable monitor arm that I wanted to use it with.

I had this setup with a viewing distance of a little over 3ft. At that distance the picture wasn’t bad, although I wouldn’t want to sit any closer.

Bottom line, unless you are sitting at least 3 feet from the screen, 1920x1080 is too low resolution for a display this size.