Dell 31.5" Full-HD IPS Monitor with HDMI

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Dell 31.5" Full-HD IPS Monitor with HDMI
Price: $149.99
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1080p in a 31.5" screen, bleh.

Should be just fine for the technology room at the senior center.

No Displayport? No thanks.

When did everyone get so GD fussy???

Dimensions (HxWxD):
28.73" x 8.27" x 18.94"

Are these with the base? (for height)

hey Wooters - A question.

Can ANY monitor (but particularly THIS one) be set-up in a split screen mode for multitasking? Is that a function of my video card capabilities or the monitor or my OS (WIN7Pro) or a combination of the above?

Thanks for your responses in advance.

Yes, that’s with the stand. Looks like that’s the only specs Dell gave.

Yes, these can be used for a multi monitor split screen mode. In fact I am thinking of getting two to replace 22 inch screens I use now.

Whether or not you can use two, or even three screens, is dependent on your video card. A relatively cheap card can be had that will support two monitors for business type multitasking or home finance/web browsing etc. If you are looking for multiple monitors for serious gaming, these monitors would not be best and your video card setup will be VERY expensive.

Bite a duck Richard… Response time may be a tad slow for gaming but price for screen size considering the average usage being net surfing I say it’s a great deal; assuming it works.

I picked up two of these from costco for 179.99 they are pretty nice.

I have played a few games with these but mostly I surf. I never noticed the response time, not that I care. I was going for the dual monster screens for movies and such.

They are super bright and lovely, they will burn your eyeballs, what more can you ask for?

The screen is way too large for a 1080p monitor. There will definitely be a “screen door” effect and text won’t be that sharp.

Your time will come.

1080 @ 31.5 is a small TV, not a computer monitor.

This should be 2560x1440 minimum.

2560x1600 on my 30"


5yrs ago you’d be having kittens if you saw this deal… now tho, you’re so yesterday (like/Eww/as if). It’s a nice monitor for a nice price so quit yer witchin’. Hook it up to a cheap Lenovo T series and use it for doing bills and things or watching a movie on headphones, etc… a guest computor for when relatives visit.

Home security monitor… should be big enough for multiple camera views. Maybe. Not sure how that would work in reality but who knows.

these are all wrong, dimensions are really 18.94 H x 28.73 W X 8.27 D

This is a great monitor, yeah it’s not 4k but it sure beats the dim poc I used to have on my desk. I have no need to spend the cash for 4k right now. Everyone who sees it comments on how great it looks. I got it over Christmas at Costco for 150 new.

I got one to replace the very low end 20" monitor my company sent me to work at home.

Doesn’t have to work for gaming, so we’ll see if it’s good enough! :slight_smile: