Dell 3120 11.6" Intel 16GB Chromebook

Dell 3120 11.6" Intel 16GB Chromebook

Anyone get one of these? I’m wondering what kind of shape they are in. I don’t see a refurbished grade listed

Our regular refurbished, so not S&D.

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Multiple Amazon reviews state that they received a Dell 3181 with 1.6 GHz processor, instead of the 3120 with the 2.16 GHz. A second Woot listing purports to have the same Dell 3120 for $107 here

Is this a case of different third party refurbishers listing the same product at different prices, or does this (the $78) listing have the wrong specs? If I order the $78 Dell and it turns out to be the 3181, not the 3120, can I return it?

Thanks! - mdW

Hi there. The sellers on Amazon are selling different (their own) inventory. This is our inventory directly from our vendors. Our specs come from our vendors. I haven’t heard of any issues with a different item being shipped for this sale.

And yes, you can return it if you don’t get the item as described.

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great thanks!

Got mine today. They both appear S&D and not regular refurbs. Contacted Woot to see if they can be replaced as one has a screen that’s partially detached and the other has a big smudge going across the middle of the screen that no amount of cleaning seems to take away.

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Can this be delivered by Christmas?

As noted in the listing:


  • Standard - Estimated delivery Dec 27 - Jan 03
  • Free Standard shipping for Prime members

Although delivery times are typically worse case, it’s not guaranteed that this will arrive in time.

As with all Chromebooks, pay attention to the support end date. This goes for all of them, whether sold here at Woot or from somewhere else.