Dell 3120 11.6" Intel 16GB Chromebook

Dell 3120 11.6" Intel 16GB Chromebook

Please avoid this Chromebook solely due to the weak CPU.

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Of course, not because it won’t be supported in 4 months…it’s the weak CPU to look out for.

In other news, hey, $70 Chromebook!

Google’s auto update policy page says support will end in September of 2021. They recently extended the dates on a lot of models. The same thing happened with my HP.


This whole “planned obsolescence” thing with Chromebooks really honks me off. They never said anything about it when I bought mine.

They just want to tart the darn things all up and keep that turnover rate high.

I’m done with Chromebooks, and I used to be a fanboi.

“Hey Alexa? What should I buy instead of a Chromebook?”

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I asked Google Assistant and she recommends an Acer Spin 3.


I’m exactly the opposite on this – I love that when I am looking at a new portable device, I get a guaranteed minimum update time frame. I have bought several tablets and phones, only to find out that it will not be getting updates any longer. It’s nice to have one place to look to get that info, and know I am not buying a soon-dead product.


They are the only realistic game in town for cheap laptops. There are similarly spec’d Windows laptops at the same price point, but they aren’t very usable and have issues with updates being too large. At the end of the day, you can wipe Chrome off of the things and install Linux. Updates on the two I have would have outlived the hardware if I wasn’t willing to repair them myself. Most people won’t do things like replace power sockets, screens, and batteries. Most won’t take it apart to figure out why the trackpad died. And at sub $200, it’s not worth a trip to Geek Squad.


I use my Chromebook to watch videos, surf the web, E-mail, word processing, and some basic spread sheet stuff like calculating loans or projecting power bills. I have not found the lack of support or the weak processors to be an issue for me and I can be critical of computers. I am a draftsman and I design in 3D using Autodesk Inventor, my work machine would make a gamer cry. I’m telling you that I am more than happy with any Chromebook that allows me to use apps from the play store. YMMV but for me a Chromebook lasts me three times as long as a PC. That said I think my kid is getting this for Easter.


Here’s what to do with this Chromebook.


I got this for taking with me on the bike. At this price, I may get a second one. The only thing I’ll say is that to be a little weary of these refurbs. I got one of these a while back and I had to refurb their refurb. It was pretty bad.

That said, for the price, this is a GREAT laptop to take on hikes, rides, travels where you don’t need a ton of power and REALLY don’t want to risk your primary laptop! Install Galium and get a fully-functional laptop. I’ve even edited video on mine!

Oooooh, thanks for the info. We confirmed and updated the date in the specs.


So “Chrome web store apps” but no google play store on this model, right?

Edit: This List still says “Planned”

The unit I received has been painted during its refurbishing. The color matches well, but it looks like they just taped it up and spray painted it. It’s a nice matte paint and feels good, but I’ve had to clean up the trackpad, which was painted also. There is small pieces of dirt and debris, some of which were on the trackpad, making it an unpleasant experience until I cleaned it up.

Oh man, that does sound unpleasant. But you got it all cleaned up?

Now you have a custom Chromebook! That costs more!

Please send Woot $20 forthwith.


I’ll second the condition issues upon receipt. “Refurbished” is a little liberal in this instance. Mine appeared as if a dog had chewed up the lower bezel abutting the trackpad, there’s a gouge in the middle of the screen, and what appears to be dried ketchup, perhaps blood in and around the HDMI port. It was more “used” and/or “scratch and dent” than anything else. You get what you pay for, though…