Dell 3120 11.6" Intel Chromebook (S&D)

Dell 3120 11.6" Intel Chromebook (S&D)

Sick deal…

I wonder what the vendors are going to do with all those Chromebooks that expire in 6 months.

So. It’s an $80 chromebook that runs android app, but doesn’t have a touch screen and will only get 5-6 months of updates? Pass.

Sell them for even less? It’s a tough sell already, as new Chromebooks can be had for not much more. My local Microcenter had a Lenovo for $80 during this holiday season.

Cloud Ready is an option for personal EOL units, but not everyone is going to want to or have the know-how to redo the computer’s whole operating system.

Having recently tinkered with some Chromebooks, I would recommend GalliumOS. It’s a lightweight Ubuntu distro optimized for Chromebook architecture. All the drivers for things like audio, WiFi, touchpad, printers work out of the box. You have to put it in developer mode and install BIOS (I recommend following the steps from Mr. Chromebox). This gives you functionality far beyond ChromeOS.

I know, I know…this all sounds hard and technical. I’m with you. A month ago the entire paragraph above would have been gibberish to me too. A few Google searches and YouTube videos and you too can do it!


I’m not fearful; I’ve been working on PCs for over 30 years now, back when dual 360k floppy disks was an upgrade and a 80 megabyte hard drive was not only humongous, it was also a killer deal at $999, controller sold separately.

I still don’t know why I remember g=c800:5.

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Sorry, I didn’t mean this as a reply to you specifically. I know you are a computer Wiz! My comment is for the thread in general.

I’ll pass on this one. Got one of the refurb HP cbooks last year on here and it still has until 2021 for updates. Less than 6 months before this Dell expires? No thank you.

Yep can always install Gallium as stated above but don’t see the point on a ‘new’ device unless buying it just for that purpose. I started in IT back when you had to solder your chips into the boards yourself and 8 inch floppy disks reigned supreme but thankfully we don’t have to do that crap anymore.

Buy it for a project piece sure but look elsewhere if you just want a cheap chromebook.

If I’m looking at the right entry on the expiration list on Google’s site, this one doesn’t expire until September 2021. Check the one for “Chromebook 11 (3120)” under the “Dell” section.

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Help me out here, I have not used a Chromebook on a regular basis, though I have configured them and used them briefly.
What will happen when the Chromebook support expires? Will it be like Windows 7 and still operate, or will functionality cease at that moment?

Just means you won’t get any security updates which could be an immediate impact and somewhere down the line (like years) the outdated version would be rendered unusable.

Advertised as scratch and dent. Then get here and it’s refurbished. Scratch and dent means new items with slight shipping damages.

The condition on the listing does say it’s refurbished.

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Um, not the way Woot lists their sales on phones and computers. Maybe that’s how CrAzY BoB sells appliances though.

Where did you get the information that scratch and dent means new items with slight shipping damages? Is there a scratch & dent standards board somewhere?