Dell 3120 11.6" Intel Chromebook (S&D)

Dell 3120 11.6" Intel Chromebook (S&D)

What’s up with these? Are they School returns or floor models or what? I wonder just how scratched and dented we are talking about. I assume they are used but I wish they’d just state if they are beat to @#$%. A condition rating would be nice. Great, good, fair, turd.

Hi there. We don’t have information on their past lives and it could vary from unit to unit anyway. The scratches and dents will vary as well but there shouldn’t be any that affect the use of the chromebook.

Thanks for the information!

I just received mine. It’s in good shape except it doesn’t left click? Tried external mouse, hard reset, fresh OS install… I’m guessing it’s hardware at this point.

Other than that, mine looks and behaves totally fine.

ETA: If it didn’t have this little click issue, I’d rate it as “Good”