Dell 3120 11.6" Intel Chromebook (S&D)

Dell 3120 11.6" Intel Chromebook (S&D)

I bought one about a year ago just out of curiosity about the Chromebook operating system. I’m an old geek very familiar with Windows, macOS and ‘Nix. The Chrome shell is pretty much like Linux. Outstanding battery performance in the refurb unit that I got. Adequate for casual web browsing and worth this price. End of Automatic updates in September might be a concern for some people.


So, it’s still getting updates until later this year? OR did you mean they ended last year?

In the features:

Google Approved with Auto-Updates through September 2021

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Updates through Sept 2021, which is not great; that’s ~5 more months of security and product updates before this is End of Life. After that date, this device will no longer be updated/secured/etc by Google, which (for the average home user) is a bad thing. ALL Chrome based devices have a limited “shelf life”; this one is a lot closer to it’s expiration date. I’m placing this in the do not buy category unless you’re looking for a Chromebook to tinker with and know how to load an alternate OS onto this device (and, no, it’s not like loading windows).
TL;DR If you’re not a “techie”, don’t buy this device

Screen resolution isn’t the greatest, but is what it is at this price point.

Woot Staff: The End Of Life date should be at the top of the specs; it’s the single most important spec when buying a Chromebook ESPECIALLY considering Chrome based devices have a limited update lifetime.


As far as the specs go it’s a decent computer apart from the tiny storage (typical of a Chromebook). I have a Lenovo Yoga 11e with basically the same specs and a larger hard drive, and it’s fast enough for what you’d want one of these for. Might be a good deal for someone wanting to replace Chrome OS with a Linux variant (I recommend GalliumOS as it is made for Chromebooks).

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Wal-Mart is $101 with free shipping.

@TexicanBeagles - At the bottom of the description at that Walmart link (which clearly indicates it is sold by a 3rd part, not Walmart) it states (emphasis mine):

NOTES: This is a Refurbished Grade C Item with 30 day warranty, while this item has been tested to be in good working condition it will show signs of use and cosmetic blemishes, examples of which are: scratches, scuffs, dents, hairline cracks, dings, bright or dead pixels all of which do not effect the usability of the item.

Why pay $3 more for exactly the same thing which likely has the same Sept. 2021 EOL?

Are you suggesting you can purchase the Woot variant for $97.something? Because it’s $112.something by the time it arrives on my doorstep due to taxes and shipping.

to clarify, Woot offers free shipping if you are a prime member.

The updates ending in Sep 2021 is a showstopper for me. I would spend a few more bucks to get a current Chromebook that has updates for the foreseeable future.

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Good luck on Woot; they predominately sell Chrome Books that are either ~6 months to Eol OR 1+ years past EoL.

It’s RARE that they sell anything decent with any sort of shelf life at a decent price.