Dell 3189 11.6" 2-in-1 Touch Chromebook

Dell 3189 11.6" 2-in-1 Touch Chromebook

Less than a year of updates???

Not bad for a school-aged child. Amazon lists them “renewed” at $239.99, so this is a bargain.

Dual core? Humph!

You’re actually buying it because it’s a little more rugged for a child. It can survive some bumps and drops.

I’m kinda new to this, but I wanted to say thanks for your opinions! It helps the newbies!!

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Updates through May 2022, which is mediocre (it’s one more year of updates). After that date, no security updates / bug fixes / etc will be released for this device. ALL Chrome based devices have a limited “shelf life”; this one is a lot closer to it’s expiration date. I’m placing this in the do not buy category unless you’re looking for a Chromebook to tinker with and know how to load an alternate OS onto this device (and, no, it’s not like loading windows).
TL;DR If you’re not a “techie”, don’t buy this device

Can I still use my Chromebook now it is no longer supported?

Screen resolution isn’t the greatest, but is what it is at this price point.

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Woot Staff: The End Of Life date should be at the top of the specs; it’s the single most important spec when buying a Chromebook/box ESPECIALLY considering Chrome based devices have a limited update lifetime.