Dell 3190 11.6" Intel 128GB 2-in-1 Notebook

Dell 3190 11.6" Intel 128GB 2-in-1 Notebook

@Woot – title here says 256GB, but I’m fairly sure this should be 128GB . Can someone please confirm?

Honestly, this guy looks pretty snappy. 128GB SSD / 8 GB RAM / Win10 Pro is a fairly solid combo for getting work done, and the Pentium N5030, while no speed demon, is also no slouch, though I’d definitely be more enthused with even the lowest-tier i3. The usual caveats about a 1366x768 display apply, but on an 11" display the impact shouldn’t be terrible. I can’t find this exact machine anywhere else for a cheaper price, and since this is an education model, finding comparable specs on consumer machines is usually not fruitful. However, since it’s an education model, it appears to be better-equipped to handle drops and spills, which is mentioned in the “Features” copy. Not bad!

Benchmark: 2665
Overall CPU Rank: 1334

But it is a $360 laptop, soooo…

Yes, you are correct.


We will be reaching out to customers that already purchased.

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Does not appear to have a USD card slot as shown in the specs. Please advise.

Hi there. We use stock photos so make sure you go by the specs.

Honestly, this guy looks pretty snappy.

I’ve had the 3160 which is the non 2-in-1 version, and it was a great little machine. However, I only paid $220 for mine (not on Woot) and would only consider another one at that price point, or this convertible version at maybe $250. Its size makes it extremely convenient, but it’s not quite fast enough to justify over $300 especially for a refurbished unit (mine was “new old stock”).

With that said, it’s hard to find a better, equally durable competitor at that $220-250 price point without settling for a Chromebook, which I guess makes this more appealing. Also, with a WiFi card swap (I recommend Intel 7xxx or 8xxx series) they are extremely Linux friendly for those so inclined.

On amazon, same price from dell, but faster


Dell Latitude 3190 Intel Pentium N5000 X4 2.7GHz 4GB 128GB SSD 11.6",


I haven’t received anything since I purchased it due to the specs being what my wife wanted. Are you sending the drive?

Hi there! Thunder Thighs is actually out the rest of this week. The drive is actually already built into your Dell notebook. The sale page was updated to show the 128 GB drive by the time you made your purchase- which is why you didn’t receive any emails. Our apologies for the confusion. If you still have an issue with your purchase, please contact Woot CS in regards to a refund. From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.