Dell 3190 11.6" Quad-Core 128GB Notebook

Dell 3190 11.6" Quad-Core 128GB Notebook

Is this touchscreen, what generation is the processor?

No and 2017 -

Save your money. These cheap laptops are junk. Buy something better you’ll be glad you did.

For 200 this isn’t a bad machine. True ssd, a decent processor and from all indications, ram that can be upgraded. Buy this and throw in an 8 gb memory stick for about 40 bucks and you have a machine more than adequate for surfing the web and working on light spreadsheets and word processing. Computers especially cheap ones have gone up about 30% in the last 2 months due to scarcity. Computers that I used to be able to get for 300 bucks at work are closer to 400 since the stock of them have been bought up by telecommuters and parents.

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Agreed, I have the “education” version (Latitude 3160) as my bedside laptop and it’s extremely capable for the price. Mine came with 4GB RAM and a spinning hard drive, I upgraded to 8GB and a SSD and it’s plenty fast enough for web browsing, media consumption, and even some light gaming. Being able to do that at ~5 watts passively cooled is nothing short of phenomenal.

I don’t know if this applies to the 3190, but my device is 100% Linux compatible, for those who are curious. Even the little gotchas on other laptops like sleep/wake and Bluetooth are supported and functioning out of the box on the major distros, and even obscure ones like Void Linux. Definitely recommended as a second laptop.

This is a pretty good laptop for what you are getting. Think of this line as targeted to middle school kids that need to do word processing and research online and the school needs to buy 500 of them.
The RAM is probably a bit low if you want to run Chrome with 20+ tabs open but it will do online shopping and YouTube just fine.
It is also tiny at 11” so it will be light and compact.
You won’t be gaming or producing videos on this but for everything you would want to do with a 11-12” screen size it is a good choice.
Side note: it comes with Windows 10 Pro which is about a $100 upgrade from the home OS.

I bought the touchscreen version of this model recently and the RAM is soldered to the motherboard. I doubt the non touchscreen variant is any different.

The SSD, on the other hand, is an NVMe so that can be upgraded.

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A few weeks ago I purchased the Latitude 3190 2 in 1 touchscreen variant and when it arrived Windows was not activated with the error message that Windows could not contact the activation server.

After trying other listed solutions which failed I checked the Microsoft Knowledge Base and it suggested downloading the latest Creator’s Update. So I downloaded and installed every update possible and when the last one installed, Windows activated.

So if your 3190 has the same error try installing all available updates, it may solve the issue as it did for me.

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I have to agree with you - at least it doesn’t use eMMC storage which you see in a lot of the Atom type laptops. This atom N5000 has a decent passmark of 2744 also. 4GB of RAM is workable although not optimal. Still annoyed by the 1366x768 resolution. I have Chinese 2in1 laptops [Tclast T10 and Cube iWork10]from 3 years ago that were 1920x1200, in this price range.