Dell 43" Ultra HD 4k Multi Client Monitor | P4317Q

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Dell 43" Ultra HD 4k Multi Client Monitor | P4317Q
Price: $699.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Newegg Reviews

90 Dell warranty for a $700 monitor?!

That’s their refurbished warranty length. It’s fairly standard for a refurbished monitor, regardless of price range. Just look at the other stuff woot has right now, it’s all 90 day. You can get the new version with a 3year warranty for $900-$1200 + shipping if you want.

I can’t comment on this particular model, but I’m still rocking my Dell U2410 from 2009 without a single problem. Their premium monitors are really nice. I just can’t imagine having a desk big enough for a 43"

I seriously wish I had some extra money lying around. This would make a nice display for my home PC, as I could hook up to Xbox as well with the built in speakers. Currently using a 28" 4k monitor and a 32" 1080p TV for dual screens and then just switch input to game, but this would be a nice switch.

Currently discounted at Dell for $850 (plus tax for me). There is one review that has concerned me and kept me from purchasing this monitor

the 2-star that claims the backlight uses PWM (which is corroborated several places online
On an LED screen, PWM causes flickering and will suffer from poor motion clarity. Also it’s known to cause headaches and eye fatigue/strain

I’ve been using one of these for 6 months, after auditioning a couple other 4k monitors.

After years of multi-monitor configurations, this was finally ‘the right’ size & resolution combination for me. I can honestly say that I don’t miss having 2 or 3 separate displays, which surprised me. It’s basically 4 1080p displays at a nice size. I use the Windows 10 corner snapping constantly, and I never seem to have ‘too little’ room.

I played Gears of War 4 with this display & a GeForce 1070 (running at 4k/60 fps) and it was literally the best visual gaming experience I’ve ever had.

So yeah… I like it & recommend it.

I can’t say what could be different about this refurbished model, as I purchased mine new.

Just to save people time this thing is not a touch screen although it can be one giant monitor if you are a CAD designer like me or it can accept input from multiple devices including your phone. I read each display isis 4K and can be lower. Dimensions are 38.31 inches x 3.27 inches x 22.29 inches - without stand.

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