Dell 5060 i5 256GB Micro Desktop

Dell 5060 i5 256GB Micro Desktop

The Specs on these Dell (and similar HP, and Lenovo NUCs when offered) usually don’t list any WiFi capability.

I assume that’s correct, but can WiFi be added internally to them? Dell, HP, and Lenovo offer that as an option on their new units, so I expect I should be able to add the necessary parts as a DIY project.

Is that possible? I’m assuming there’s a punch-out hole in the chassis for adding the WiFi antenna and that the Intel mini WiFi card and antenna can be obtained as a service part order or from Amazon. Is a BIOS update needed to whitelist the device?


No power supply or cord included, per the “In the box” specs and pictures.



Hi there.

Most seem to use a WI-FI dongle for these micro desktops. I’m not sure about space internally.

Power cord is included.

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Is this thing windows 11 compatible?

Hi there. Here’s the system requirements:

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Is there a warranty, and in case it doesn’t work can I return it

Thank you

Hi there. We list the warranty at the bottom of the features. This has:

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty

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