Dell 5060 i5 256GB Micro Desktop

Dell 5060 i5 256GB Micro Desktop

on a sample size of one
Received with a new generic keyboard and budget optical mouse.
win10pro license as stated.
insides are pretty clean .
this board has AMT vPro available.

Shipped with a Dell 65w power supply ( PA-12) . boots with warning
“Alert! You have attached an undersized 65W power adapter to your system, which is less than the recommended 90H power adapter. The system will adjust the performance to match the power available. Use a Dell 90W (or greater) power adapter for peak system performance.”

memory was populated with HP OEM pulls.
8GB ddr4 2133 Samsung
8GB ddr4 2400 Micron

It still works, and technically the listing specs didn’t list a wattage or memory configuration.

For kicks, looking up the svctag lookup on Dell com
pro support though 2022-may, ( not sure if it is transferable or not.)
original config had an i7-8700T cpu, 1x16 GB DDR4-2666, and a M.2 NVME.

The factory 90Watt power supply was listed as
“RT74M ADPT,AC,90W,LTON,3P,L6,4.5MM”

so this is a bit of a Frankenstein unit, which is fine, as listing does say refurbished.

Installed m.2 SSD is an ADATA 256 GB SATA.
m.2 was bent down, held down by the screw post! instead of the inner metric M2 screw
The M2 phillips 00 was partially stripped-- nothing vice grips couldn’t fix.

Probably should check the heatsink thermal paste job.

no internal 2.5 caddy - appears to be p/n JMYPN (~$10), no wifi antennas.
to be fair, Dell wouldn’t have included those either.

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