Dell 5650 6 Piece 5.1 100 watt Speaker set


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Yep, same GREAT price as before.

100W RMS!!!

Great deal for $35 shipped

I’m in for 1.


but do i need it?


no, it was 29.99 too.
i’m in


It was 29.99 before too.

Good deal as before, but alas, I’m happy with my Z560’s


Got mine! Woot! :smiley:


i got mine last time, just order another set.


Anyone know if there is a headphone jack handy on the center or front surrounds?


I’m sure one of my friends will happen in on this after it’s sold out, and I’ll be the bearer of good news with a second batch.

That, or eBay. Maybe I can just steal their image right off their server. Can’t see what harm that might do.


I’ve been kicking myself since Doom 3 came out for not ordering this last time.

Not this time. I’m in for 3. Thanks, woot!, for a great deal.


I’ve got speakers out the wazoo, but there are always friends who are still listening to MP3s on 10 watt Labtech speakers, so I’m in! Snapster, how bout checking my boxes to make sure they aren’t pulls or refurbs like the BGF Ti4200’s? :wink:




I missed the last ones and you just never know when these might come in handy…

I figure 2 sets should hold me over for awhile… Can’t beat $5 shipping on a 2 sets of them.

— Always when you least expect it, your old ones go south… ----


nice, i just get me a set :wink:


damn…sold out already


Sold out in 20 mins!?


new record?


just want to place another order.
but already sold out.
is it the fastest record?
sold out in 20 mins ??


sold out as I was entering my information!!! add more pleeease


new woot record (we had a pretty good idea these would go quick, but that was some fast typing guys :smiley: )

275 units sold, we are clean out folks. last order received 12:20am, almost 1 every 4 seconds. wonder how many orders were still waiting for that last button press… sorry guys this seriously was all we had left in stock.


Just sold out while I was getting out my credit card info!