Dell 5650 6 Piece 5.1 100 watt Speaker set


Welcome to the Woot-Off item #2 topic page for this product on Friday, October 8th. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Dell 5650 Speakers here.


:shock: [size=18:1c8228a2ae]First of second![/size:1c8228a2ae] :shock:

Way to go woot, offering another item for the weekend since the first sold out so quickly. Of course, this too will be gone in five minutes. Put on the Polk speakers next! Woot! :stuck_out_tongue:


everyone leave the party after the first show?


First post, bitches!

Woot! Got me one!




jackpot! i have been waiting for this O YA (wish i chould have found my free shipping cupon but i did’t want to risk a sell out.


Second Woot of the night. Looks like a pretty good deal to me.



already have a speaker setup



I don’t understand the 2 item thingy?


Hmm, nope, servers still bogged. Cool, I got the first item, and the second is already plugged into my computer. :wink:


Aw, I wasn’t first. Oh well.


Many may have left – I didn’t notice the woot-off at first either…

I hope they stay – I want things that I don’t want to keep selling out so that I can see the next item! :smiley:

  • John…


My prediction:

All those people who bitch and moan “Hurr, I want teh speakers!” are going to miss out and instantly renew their crying.

At any rate, thanks Snapster! This is a spiffy idea. Incidentally, everyone at work admries my charter membership certificate. :smiley:


Awesome… a sneak-attack Woot!

It’s almost sad… I bought a set of these speakers even though I already have a nice Dolby 5.1 setup for my PC. I think I bought it simply because I knew everyone else wanted a set of these… I guess my wife will have surround sound when she plays solotaire on her PC now!! :smiley:


Comeon people we need to move these speakers. LETS see the next WOOT

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Today&rsquo;s item quantity: 300<br>Last Order time: 12:23:23 AM CST<br>Woot Member to blame: eatheror<br>Order Pace: 0m 2.08s<br>Woot Wage: $51989.09 an hour.


i like this new concept, its a good idea.


would have bought this but bought the aspire for my comp first.
at least now you can all shut up about the golden dell speakers.
now after the third appearance of the dells and countless others…
[size=18:c8ccb30cd2][/size:c8ccb30cd2]no more speakers!!! :evil:


Ack i cant get my order threw!!


Said my transaction had an error but the card was still charged, hopefully this will still go through.