Dell 5650 6 Piece 5.1 100 watt Speaker Set


Welcome to the Dell 5650 6 Piece Speaker Set topic page for Friday, February 4th. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here.


[size=18:193b83e622][color=green:193b83e622]Well, I’m still waiting for a few key woot items: F1’s, BOC, Good speakers (logitech Z3), Woot-Books (possible woot-off), Monitor spider.[/color][/size:193b83e622]

OMG! 1st post. and a woot that I wanted!

[size=24:193b83e622][color=red:193b83e622]Wanted: 1 of todays woot. Server crashed when I submited my order at 12:00:54. Anyone willing to ship an extra to me for $35? I’ll be your best Friend![/color][/size:193b83e622]


[size=26:7a051111af][color=darkred:7a051111af]Thanks for the speakers![/color][/size:7a051111af]

[size=24:7a051111af][color=blue:7a051111af] Go get some more deals[/color] -->[/size:7a051111af]


First page? :lol:

This is my first and only try at first page. Just wanted to see if I could do it. Now my Woot! life is complete. I got a BOC and first page all in the same week.

My 5 pounds of pooh are on the delivery truck and I can’t wait to see what it is. So excited about pooh… life is so cool.


www, is updated!!!




[color=green:4eb84427c9][size=24:4eb84427c9]Why is everyone posting so big? W00t’s going on?[/size:4eb84427c9][/color]


Yay, 5.1 speakers… now you guys can complain about something ELSE for a change! :slight_smile:


these ne good?


im a whore im a whore and i have my own country called whore and the capitol is called woot.


Yay speakers!


ordered 2 finally :lol:


Got mine…


Woot…I gots my new speakers! :smiley:


boring… better woot please.


Nice we got dell speakers and boc’s now where is the woot-off :lol:


woot woot, more speakers


[size=18:20d6136a2d]No Woot for me tonight. Later.[/size:20d6136a2d]




Just call me runtime error…