Dell 7070 Micro Intel i7 256GB Desktop

Dell 7070 Micro Intel i7 256GB Desktop

Can someone tell my why they don’t show a photo of the opposite side of the product? There are 3 like this, one i3 and two i7s (5070 and 7070). None of them show anything but the front. Why do I need to see 2 - 4 images of the same side, but just at different angles??!?

Just curious. :slight_smile:

What are you wanting to see on the back? The Dell website shows one. Here is a link.

Hi there. We use stock photos. Often the back photo is a) not available or b) shows different features than what our offer has.

$70 cheaper than from Dell directly.

Link? I’m seeing $1019 for this configuration.

TT… I’m not a doctor but I’m 99% sure he’s saying y’all are $70 cheaper than buying this direct from Dell :joy:

Ooooooooooooooooooooooh. Nevermind.