Dell 7350 13" Full-HD Intel 256GB Tablet

Dell 7350 13" Full-HD Intel 256GB Tablet

The specs say Windows 8 pro but the features mention Windows 10. What’s installed on this tablet?

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I’d say it comes with Windows 8. I saw it mentioned three separate times in the ad.

It looks like this was originally a laptop that could be operated as a tablet by removing the keyboard section, which also housed additional battery capacity and all the I/O ports. It looks like that section isn’t included in this sale; is that true? If so, the specs need to be updated. Link to 2015 review

I looked this up at Here’s a quote “One of the problems with the 7350 is that the tablet’s only port is a headset jack in the top left corner of the device. For any connectivity, you need to attach the tablet to its dock, which has two USB 3.0 ports (the one on the left side has power sharing), one mini DisplayPort in back and an SD Card reader on the right.”
This tablet comes with the a/c adapter but from what I read you need the keyboard dock to charge it. Their is no charging port on the tablet itself. I hope I’m wrong about this.

I own a Dell Venue 11 Pro 7139, which is almost the exact same tablet as the one advertised. That being said, I’ll give a quick rundown of the pros/cons of the Venue 11 7139 (assuming it would give a similar user experience)

It is Windows 8, but can be upgraded to windows 10 fairly easily.

The M.2 SSD makes it lightning fast in terms of boot-up, loading programs/apps, etc.

Don’t expect to play many games on it. The graphics card is lacking, to say the least.

Even though it has 8gb RAM, it slows quite a bit when you have several programs running.

It can attach to a keyboard (link ). However, the docking keyboard for the 7139 is…worthless. I bought it with the keyboard, and it worked spot-on for a week, then simply quit working. The 7139’s keyboard also has a battery inside to help keep the tablet powered-up and charging (neat idea in theory, if it worked). I bought 2 replacement keyboards, one new and one used, neither of which worked either (before you ask, I made sure it was the keyboard and not the tablet). Finally, I just gave up.

It can also attach to a dock for a monitor. Additionally, the 7139 also had a second Bluetooth non-docking keyboard (no spare battery). I read online that this one worked better.

Overall, a decent tablet, especially for the price on WOOT, but paying anywhere near the original price would be insane. Here’s a bit of advice: Since the processor is good (compared to other tablets) and the RAM/SSD are great for a tablet this size, I ended up buying a new M.2 SSD and installing Android X86 on it. It’s now a lightning fast Android tablet, and if I want to change it back to Windows, I just have to pop off the back cover and swap out the SSD’s.

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Most likely a micro USB charger. Most Dell 2-in-1’s from this era were micro USB

Dell sold these as both tablets with docking keyboards as well as solid (no keyboard, just a tablet).

The prior generation even had some models that were android, some that were windows, using different processors.

Read my recap below if you are thinking about buying…I tried to give an apt description of the pros and the cons

Just bought the version WITH the keyboard a few weeks ago for $300. I believe (so far) it was a good deal.

I would pass on today’s offering UNLESS you can find the keyboard dock portion for $40 or less. Here’s why:

  1. All those ports listed on the spec page are on the keyboard. The tablet has two ports only. Power and headphones. Nothing else.

  2. The second (and larger) battery is also in the keyboard portion. A lot of the reviews note that the battery life of this machine in tablet only mode are pretty mediocre. My machine, with both batteries tells me that at fully charge I’ve got a little over 3 hours. So if you’ve only got the tablet, you can probably expect significantly worse.

  3. Without the keyboard (and the ports) the functionality of this machine is greatly curtailed. Windows 8/10 (we still don’t know which it is) are not really designed for tablets. Even with a good touch screen, you’ll have an overpowered and heavy tablet that’s not as intuitive to use as others.

If you are actually in the market for a tablet, Woot! is selling a surface 3 with stylus AND a typecover/keyboard for just $40 more. Not as much storage or computing power, but MUCH lighter, better battery life, Win 10 PRO and… oh yeah, a keyboard!

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“14” Full-HD IPS LED-backlit Touchscreen display with 1920 x 1080 resolution showcases movies and games in stunning clarity" — in specs, but Headline says 13.3 inch screen. 13.3 <> 14

I realize it’s Sunday, but as this is a front page item, you’d think Woot might go to the trouble of fixing the numerous mistakes in this listing.

  1. Win 8 or Win 10?

  2. Not a 14 inch screen

  3. Does not have all the listed ports.

  4. Does not have an ether net port on tablet or the keyboard

  5. a/b/g/n wifi or ac? (BTW it’s ac)

I guess when you have close to a thousand products for sale it becomes difficult to check them all for accuracy. It’s like Woot has gotten too big for its britches.

Say it with me now…

“I miss the old…”

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Same item on for $359 minus 35% off coupon (35DELL7350) = 233.55 with free shipping. That one comes with the keyboard.


Now that’s the kind of deal Woot SHOULD have!

Upon further review : the 359$ model says no keyboard, but the 379$ does. With 35 percent off coupon it’s 242$. So still cheaper than Woot, comes with a keyboard and the warranty is ten days longer.

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Years ago, in the early days of 8-bit “home” computers, there was the TI99/4A. It was $99 and did almost nothing until you added more memory, better storage and other parts. Finally, someone came out with an ad that said, “Turn your TI99/4A” into an IBM compatible PC!!!" What they were selling WAS an IBM compatible" PC that used the TI99/4A as a keyboard.

I get the same vibe off of Windows 10 tablets. If you are going to get a keyboard with bigger battery, docking station, USB expander or whatever, aren’t you building a heavy laptop with a touch screen?

Whee does it say the $359 one comes without keyboard?

2020AUGDEAL4 gives $125 off. 35% should be the better coupon, unless they put a lower priced model up.

In the “additional information” section. Point is moot now. 359 models are all gone.

And with 35DELL7350 rhe deal winds up being a tad better for the 379 model.

Sorry, this was a late entry to our calendar.

-Windows 8 Pro
-13.3" Screen
-Headphone & Docking Port

Everything should be correct now.

I could do with a laptop or PC but the 11/2020 release of the Xbox X page distracted me.