Dell 790 i3-2100 8GB 2TB Small Form Factor

The price of this computer is too high, if you look at the mothersite, and other places that sell a factory recondition unit with the same specs, it’s around $215.00. Although, because of it’s age and capabilities, it’s worth less than that now, it’s approximately worth $165.00 but I’d like to round it up to $170.00, though.

The one thing that is good about the i3-2100, is that it’s power efficient. If someone wants to use this computer for basic office tasks, you should be fine. Reason why I say this, according to a conversation I had with Microsoft about a year ago, their Excel Spreadsheet application still only did their calculations on one hardware thread only. So, if you have a dual core or a dual core with two hardware threads, it won’t make a difference, if they’re running at the same speed.

This unit could also be used as a POS computer at a register, too. Plenty of speed for this particular task.

Does this come with an oem window disk?