Dell 9020 Intel i7 256GB Desktop

Dell 9020 Intel i7 256GB Desktop

Can one of the mods comment on what the memory’s speed is? Is it 1600mHz or hjgher? Also, any details on the SSD drive such as TLC, SLC, brand, etc? Thanks!

Specs say no optical drive. But there appears to be one in the photos. Does it have a DVD, or a DVD-RW,Blu-Ray, or are the photos wrong?

[MOD: Specs updated. Has DVD.]

Looks like 1600mhz…

Nice! Thanks. There are a few inconsistencies at that link…later gen cpu, no ssd. But appears to be similar enough that the same 1600mhz memory speed is probably being used. Also got a peek at the inside of case. I plan to swap out power supply and slap in GTX 970 I have on hand to run an Oculus Rift. Thanks again!

Bought a very similar machine from Dell Refurbished last week. Mine is a 9020 with Core i5, 16gig, 500gb hd. Look around for coupons. I paid $150 for mine.

Used to to replace my years old home server. It’s powerful enough to run VMware or Hyper-V and virtualize a few machines.

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No mention in the description, is the a cosmetic Grade A or Grade B machine? Dell Refurbished machines are typically graded A or B. Although all the “B” machines I’ve got look pretty much brand new

Not a bad computer but the processor is not current Intel is now in 10th generation I7`s and this is a 4th gen
just 4 cores not 7 and no optical drive. Still a decent machine probably a little high priced for something this old.

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The condition grade is totally subjective between refurbishers, so a grade wouldn’t really matter anyway.

Dell Refurbished is Dell Financial Services’ own outlet. They have “first pick” of the machines they get back from their leases, so they tend to be in the best condition. Machines in lesser condition gets sold off by auction or to other companies.

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Go by the specs.
[MOD: Specs updated. Has DVD]

You’ll need adapters. This series of Optiplexes uses an 8-pin power connector.

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Intel’s 10th gen is basically a 6th gen Skylake optimized optimized optimized optimized, and all i7 processors were quad core before 8th gen.

Also the full lineup of 10th gen still isn’t out yet.

Look up the benchmarks. These are still plenty usable compared to current offerings.

If it doesn’t have an optical drive, is it possible to add one?

AGREED. I am using an i5 3570k from 2012 and it still holds its own with games and every thing else I do. I upgraded to this processor from a newer AMD Fx. The 4770 should be a great processor for many use cases.


Funny how the tables have turned. Even the 8-core FX’s were no match with Intel’s quad cores of that time. Now, the only one beating AMD is AMD themselves.

(How long will I have to wait until the 3990x becomes more affordable?)

CANNOT swap out power supply, Dell “special” model, expensive to find/buy and not like normal power supplies.

Update: These DO come with DVD installed. The units are in Grade A refurbished condition.

This is the mini-tower version; an ATX PSU will physically swap and the standard 24 pin can be adapted to the 8 pin.

These boards are 12v only. Think ATX12VO design, 6 years before a standard was announced.

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Next gen of same processor I have in my current desktop. It still has plenty of processor power.
Intel Core i7-4770 @ 3.40GHz CPU Marks 9,780
Newer gen AMD Ryzen 5 2500X CPU Marks 9,704

It would be easy to overthink this one. It is fairly priced.

For all around email, internet, office programs, even photo editing, this PC will perform perfectly snappy.

I regularly setup customers with nearly identical off-lease, business grade, Dell Optiplex’s - but with 4th gen i5 CPUs rather than this even nicer 4th gen i7.

  1. Optiplex business grade PCs like this are bullet proof - they run forever. But if parts need to be replaced, tower cases like this make it easy. And tower cases naturally run cooler.

  2. The SSD is key to performance - even tho it is not hard to swap out a hard drive for not much money, why waste time and money on a swap when you can get it that way and under the 1-year warranty.

  3. The 16GB RAM is very useful - browsers, especially Chrome can be surprisingly memory-hungry if you like to have a lot of tabs open.

  4. The Intel cpu generation - do not let that 4th gen version, even tho the 10th gen version is now available, concern you. Mainstream PC uses (software) were long ago surpassed by cpu development speeds. I have a 2nd gen i5 that still feels snappy. If you’re not playing demanding games or doing CAD design, this PC will feel perfectly snappy.

A note about pricing - while you could buy an unknown condition (raw) off-lease Optiplex PC on FleaBay for less, it would likely have a hard drive and 8GB of RAM, might not have a legal Windows 10 Professional license or even have Windows installed, and you wouldn’t know if you had a lemon on your hands. Buying from an established “Authorized Microsoft Refurbisher” gives you some confidence the license is legal and in this case with a 1-year warranty. So if you happen to get a lemon, swapping out should be easy.

You’d likely pay twice the price or more for a consumer grade new PC that might not last as long.


What? Tell that to a 6 core i7 980 or 4930k or to a 2 core 3520m