Dell 990 OptiPlex Intel i5 500GB SFF Desktop

Dell 990 OptiPlex Intel i5 500GB SFF Desktop

  1. This would be tempting except for that old-fashioned hard disk. Yah, could pop in an SSD, but it isn’t hard to find off lease business grade Dells, already with an SSD.

  2. That refurb(edit) company name is unfortunate. ( Warranty: 90 Day Shivnet Technology Solutions)

  3. It also isn’t hard to find refurb companies with the confidence to stand behind their products with a 1-year warranty.

BTW, since windows CPUs have long ago matured vs the demands put on them by Windows, don’t look down your nose at a 2nd gen Intel i5 cpu.

With an SSD drive, a 2nd gen i5 can be perfectly snappy for all around Internet and Office use.

Found better deals on Amazon thanks for the comment.