Dell AMD Quad-Core Laptops - Your Choice

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Dell AMD Quad-Core Laptops - Your Choice
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Time to learn all about USB 3.0 and lets watch this processor in action

That benchmark is worthless; it’s only putting it against a bunch of Core i7’s.

Good Reviews at Walmart

This computer will not perform like the one in the video. In the video he is using dual video cards, 1 integrated and 1 dedicated. Woot’s laptop only has 1 integrated graphics card with no dedicated memory. I’d just hate to see someone pick this up and expect this level of performance. Cheers!

No gigabit? Says only 10/100.

You can’t handle that speed, No gigabit for you!

I was already to checkout and then I noticed the $25.48 in taxes they were going to charge me. Sorry but I’m not paying taxes for online purchases unless it’s a killer deal even with taxes added. This was a impulse buy for me as I can really do without a new laptop right away. This deal just did not Warrant me paying taxes to purchase. I will wait and shop around for the best possible deal. The funny thing Is I can still buy items on Amazon with Prime and not pay taxes when it’s fulfilled & shipped by Amazon but purchased from a different vendor than Amazon.
Worst thing Amazon did was make a deal to collect taxes with a few States when other online vendors don’t have to. Amazon sold out their customers as far as I’m concerned and I refuse to pay for their treachery.

Nothing against Woot (cuz they will hunt me down otherwise)…but the cpu is a dog … woof woof.

The CPU is definitely good enough, and the GPU crushes anything that Intel HD Graphics could dream of doing.

To pick AMD is to pick better integrated graphics performance.