Dell Business Class Laptops

The specs for states that it has an Intel processor.

The features state it’s an AMD processor.

Could you clarify?

Sorry about that! It’s AMD.

Thanks. So, the D520 and the D531 are the same price, and the only spec difference is the processor?

I want to make sure I’m not missing anything.

Yep, that’s what I’m seeing.

The e6220 and e6230 look like they are both using the same images and the specs say the keyboards are not back lit but the laptop shown in the main picture has a backlit keyboard. Can this be clarified?

The E6330 is the wrong image shown. They look near identical though.

The E6330 does not have the orange ring around the key board (this was only something the E6x20 series had)

Also, and this is VERY VERY IMPORTANT, Woot… please make sure the vendors tht supply the images (since we all know most of this comes from Amazon, and those vendors are BAD about this)… show correct imagery of the products.

Nearly every of the newer/nicer models say NO Webcam… yet almost all of the images used show a webcam.

My company bought a dozen laptops from Woot several months ago based on the image shown, and when we got them, NONE of them had webcams. I ended up buying some screen bezels and webcams for them (another $50 into each laptop) and installing them myself… but this could have been avoided if the original vendor used proper images of the products.

Buyer Beware!

Aside from that… the E6330 is an excellent price…and even more so…
I personally have used the E5540 for the past 2 years as my full time work laptop and enjoy it.

Issues with any of the E6320/E6330 series you may find are mainly just batteries are all at end of life. Also check the right hand side USB ports, some of the plastic guides in them have broken off of ours (design flaw in the plastic used).

It’s a stock image. The specs on our sales will be correct.

corvettejoe: I’ve asked the team about the image for the E6330.

We do not receive samples for most computers so we have to rely on stock image. Our specs are correct.

Wondering why one might purchase a 1yr square trade protection plan, when a 1yr advanced skyline technology warranty comes with? Which one is worthless, if covered by the other? Or what does one cover that the other wouldn’t?

I bought the E6230 12.5" i5 250GB laptop, and it arrived yesterday. I haven’t had a chance to open the box yet, but I can clearly feel and hear the computer is able to move around from side to side in the box. That’s not encouraging. I recognize that these are refurbs and relatively cheap, but couldn’t some care be put into the packaging so that they aren’t rattling around in there?

Mine is stuck in Buffalo. Shipping label created Thursday, no update since. Allegedly to be delivered today but I am nowhere near Buffalo so I have low hopes.

Give it few days. As noted in the sale, it will ship out in 3-5 business days. Today is the 4th business day after your purchase. And, weekend.

Yeah, so they shrink wrap the laptop to a piece of cardboard that’s wider than then laptop. And it’s not tight enough to keep it from moving. So the laptop can freely slide from side to side. WTF??

And there is no doubt that these are refurbs (obviously). Nobody will mistake them for new. There are scratches all over mine, and the plastic palm rest is loose on the right side. I guess you get what you pay for, but I’m disappointed.

Sorry for the packaging problem. I’ve passed your feedback on so they can look into it.

I purchased an E6320 and the tracking number is still showing it has not advanced past “label created”. When I first got the shipping notification email (7/31), my estimated delivery date was yesterday, 8/5, and now it just says “pending”. I’m kind of wondering if the lack of shipping update is an error on the part of FedEx, or if it just hasn’t been sent out. Is there any way to check on this, other than the FedEx site?

Mine sat at label created 7/30-8/4, but once it moved it moved fast and I just got it.

I also noticed the rattle, but when I opened the rattle was the box with the power cable. the laptop itself was securely shrinkwrapped to a cardboard (as stated above) and it wasn’t going anywhere. Decent enough shape, really glad to have it.

When I saw there was a separate smaller box with the power cord in it, I hoped that the rattling was just that. But then I tested the hypothesis, and it was clear that the laptop itself was shifting back and forth…

To be fair, I finally set this thing up, and notwithstanding my disappointment with its physical appearance and the packaging methods, this is a pretty great computer for the price. Very little bloatware preinstalled, and very peppy. I threw in an extra 4 gb of ram and I’m going to replace the hdd with a Samsung EVO ssd. I’d buy it again.