Dell Chromebook 11 Dual-Core Notebook

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Dell Chromebook 11 Dual-Core Notebook
Price: $249.99
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Only 2GB RAM :frowning: If it was 4GB I would get it as this is supposed to be one of the best Chromebooks. Doesn’t look like you can upgrade it either.

I’m not sure I totally agree with the list price. Everything I’ve seen says that the Dell 11’s started at 299 for the 4G version, with the 2G version being 20-40 dollars cheaper.

Still though, as Dell has been overwhelmed for these, and you can no longer order them directly via the website - it’s not a bad price for what’s considered to be one of the top tier Chromebooks.

These were listed on the Dell site for $279 and the 4GB RAM models were $299, when you could get them.

And all of the reviews that give this Chromebook such high marks are on the 4GB model.

Link to a teardown someone did.

Can anyone tell me what significant advantage this has over the Acer C720, which is currently $179 new on Amazon?

In general the only differences are related to build quality and general fit/finish. The Dell looks and feels more like a business laptop, less “cheap plastic” feeling as compared to the C720. It is heavier and just “feels” like more of a premium device, though again this is all relative. The C720 is a great device but it looks and feels every bit of a sub-$200 computer. The Dell has better speakers, a slightly better screen. Same resolution, but brighter and a glossy finish rather than matte (so not as dull and muted but more light reflection). The trackpad and keyboard are excellent. As an education device, it is also designed to take a beating.

All that said, performance-wise the guts are literally the same as what you’d get in a 2 GB C720.

Really a shame that they don’t have the 4 GB RAM one as that is generally considered the best all-around Chromebook of the past 18 months.

Dell announced in Japan a week and a half ago that they were immediately bumping up the specs on these (introducing an i3 and i5 processor.) This is the current model.

I’ve got a demo unit sitting here on my desk, because we’re about to purchase 24 of either that or a 13" Samsung Chromebook. The Dell is snappy, and has a high build quality. Estimated 10 hour battery life…

The only disadvantage it has over the Samsung is that the 11" screen feels very small (but I’m used to dual 24" screens at work, so it may just be me.)

And $130 refurbed on Groupon. I just bought two of those for the kids, may grab one of these for me :slight_smile:

I’ve searched the internet thoroughly, and haven’t found an answer to whether or not you can upgrade the RAM on this model. I’ve found forum posts regarding the SSD being physically glued to the motherboard, and needing a heat gun to remove it. I’m thinking the RAM might be just as hard to access.

That being said, if you plan on buying this and simply upgrading the RAM, you might have a bad time.

I have the acer C720 with 2GB RAM, and it’s never been a limiting factor. You can have two dozen tabs open and the thing just doesn’t slow down. Not sure if chrome is just much more memory-efficient than windows or swapping to the SSD is quick enough that you don’t notice. Probably both. Either way, don’t let the number turn you off - 2GB is plenty for a chromebook like this.

I’ve got a demo unit from Dell sitting here on my desk. I removed the 7 screws on the bottom, but wasn’t able to get into it. I think it might be glued down or something. I would use a little more force, but I don’t want to damage a demo unit and have to pay for it.

My bet would be on it not being user/replaceable.

This person broke one down, and confirmed that the RAM is soldered onto the motherboard.

Ehh, not a good deal imho. I got the Acer C720 chromebook with 4GB ram, and 16GB drive, and it has the same processor. All for $250, so this doesnt seem like a good deal to me.

Thanks for posting that. I just bought one!

I went to Groupon and they are still available 8/4/14 7pm pst.

I guess you’re not taking much risk at $130, free shipping, free returns over at Groupon for that Acer C720, but who the heck is “90-day warranty from Liquidity Services”? (I prefer to keep ‘liquids’ away from my laptops.)

BTW, they’ve also got a 14" HP Chromebook for $220 and 11" Sammy for $170 over there. (All refurbs.)