Dell Chromebook 11 Dual-Core Notebook

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Dell Chromebook 11 Dual-Core Notebook
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Time to learn about the processor

Review over at PC Mag

More on the CPU.

Why is this Chromebook more expensive than the one we all have for $200 or less. Is it really better.

i3 processor, 4GB ram, Dell quality.

While I think ChromeOS is junk, this Chromebook is not junk.

The DellOutlet has the non-i3 version for $40 less, but if you plan to use this for your main computer, you should futureproof it more and get the i3.

You may want to include direct links to the parts you’re referring to if you’re going to be putting up “helpful” links like this.

If people don’t know what they’re looking at or for (which are the people that will be clicking on your link) they will be just as lost.

I have one of the HP 14" Chromebooks that I got here at Woot for about $200, too. It runs everything fine. Can’t see paying $300 for a machine with a smaller screen.

Also to note: this is the previous generation. They just came out with a newer one.

These are normally $380

Also interestingly enough, the newer model no longer offers the i3, just the newer Celeron Nxxx series CPU’s.

You would also not be the target market for a sports car.

Different strokes for different folks.

These are built-like-tanks business class reliable models, not home version models.

If you think Chrome OS is junk you are probably not using it in the way that it was intended to be used. This isn’t supposed to be a replace-all OS. This is meant to be a cheap, instant on, no antivirus required, long battery life OS meant to do what people do on their computers about 90% of the time. Surf, Facebook, twitter, Email, banking, viewing pictures and videos, youtube…

As far as the configuration of this system, I think the I3 is a waste. If this was a higher resolution screen, I could see the better video of the I3 an advantage- as configured now, the I3 is marketing. I have an Asus C200 11.6 inch with a intel N2830, 4GB RAM, and 32GB storage I paid $190 for on Ebay. On the Chrome side you will see little if any advantage using the I3, but you will definitly see a decrease in battery life, because the I3 has a max TDP of 15 watts and the N2830 is half of that. Where the I3 would be an advantage is if you decided to add Ubuntu to this Chromebook (via crouton or dual boot), you would see more snappiness on the Ubuntu side. I have no issues running Ubuntu (via crouton) on my C200. I have installed Minecraft on there (Ubuntu-side) for my son to play to see what experience it would bring. He said that it’s really quite playable and didn’t notice many slow downs at all.

As far as the Dell thing goes, a name is just a name. There is no magic. As long as you’re not comparing it to a complete off brand, Dell, Acer, Asus, HP, Toshiba…are not all that different. You will find good and bad stuff made by every manufacturer.

I was considering getting a Chromebook, I am a pharmacy student and about to start rotations and am looking for something smaller than the laptop I have now. I mostly need it for looking up information and writing up patients, would a Chromebook be a good choice? Just looking for some advice I was also considering one of the other computer deals Woot had (HP EliteBook 2560P 12.5" Laptop - under the HP business laptop section) Does anyone recommend one over the other?

Save yourself some money and buy this ($190):
11.6" Chromebook Computer (Black) -Refurbished

You already have a windows laptop, so I think you would be better off picking up a chromebook if you’re looking for portability. You have google office apps which are MS compatible and can be run locally on you device (in the case there is no wifi access). There is an HDMI out, so you can do powerpoint presentations if you want. It has a 10 hour battery life, so you don’t need to be near an outlet all the time. You don’t have to worry about antivirus or getting adware. If you like Linux, you can easily set this up to switch back and forth (hot keys) between Chrome and Linux using crouton.

Thanks for the advice!


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