Dell Chromebook 11 Intel i3 Notebook

Chromebooks are not eligible devices for Windows 10. The upgrade offer does not apply to Chromebooks.

Just to be clear, this is a NEW Dell Chromebook 11?

Yes, this is a NEW dell Chromebook with a 1 Year Dell warranty.

Is it possible to upgrade the internal storage on these units?

Good info for the terminally confused. You might add that Chromebooks DO NOT RUN ANY PREVIOUS VERSIONS OF WINDOWS EITHER and CANNOT run Windows programs!

If you’re handy with tools, it’s possible to replace the SSD with a larger flash drive. There’s no easy access panel, so you would need to disassemble the base. However the RAM is soldered to the motherboard (not socketed) so the memory is non-upgradable.

The easiest way to expand the storage is to insert an SD card in the slot on the side. Or you could use a USB flash drive.