Dell Core 2 Duo 14.1" Notebook

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Dell Core 2 Duo 14.1" Notebook
$229.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Aww, HELL no!

CNET Reviews

Why the line 6 amp on the screen??

14.1, wow! That’s the largest netboo… wait a minute, the titles says NOTEbook…

vista…no, not ever again

That would be great if this weren’t a Dell. I might even be excited, or purchase one. I know they fixed the “catching on fire” thing, but they have the highest return rate of name-brand laptops.

Well, at least it looks shiney.

Seems like a lot of money for the specs listed.

[Amazon reviews are meh :-](

Meh, I’ve already got an 8GB, 2.8 quad core, 1 TB PC and a 500 GB, 2.2 dual core, 4GB laptop. might as well get the dinosaur, eh? :wink:

Dell Product Website

I had this laptop when I worked at TI in 2007-08. Good laptop for back then.

80GB HD. They haven’t included drives that small for a LONG time.

This does have a dual trackpad/thumbstick mouse control option tho (like the IBM Thinkpads always had).

Its right at 1000 on the passmark lookup as well, so not bad for a low end budget notebook, even if you have to spend another $40 to get a larger HD.

Google Products Review Compilation

My MacBook Pro is telling me I don’t need another laptop. Next!

Starter PC for your kid.

Come on Cali, you can’t let Arkansas buy them all up!

That’s weird, I didn’t know woot got inventory from my high school.