Dell D6000 Universal Dock

Dell D6000 Universal Dock

This dock has BOTH USB-C and a USB-C to USB3 adapter. I can confirm that this will work as a generic dock using USB3 (had it connected to a Microsoft Surface) and should fully work on a non-dell laptop (currently using their Thunderbolt version of the dock with an HP and it works fine).

This dock WILL charge your device over USB-C at the same time it provides the other functionality. Just make sure to flash to the latest firmware and install the drivers from Dell or things get wonky.


This dock works MUCH better than the TB-16 (horrid) or the WD-19 docks. I find Dell’s implementation of Thunderbolt to be meh due to the flimsy TB port on most Dell Latitude laptops. I’ve seen this recommended in many admin forums as the only dock they’ll use in the Enterprise. Do check for compatibility tho, since it’s
operability is dependent on having the correct Intel integrated video chipset


Thankfully we avoided the TB-16 dock and I can agree that our WD-19 docks are starting to just randomly “die”.

I’m not a fan of Dell’s Thunderbolt as it draws so much power that any of their non-thunderbolt docks throw an error about not putting out enough power to charge the laptop. Which sucks when you’ve got a ton of non-thunderbolt equipment.

Good to know about the video chipset; didn’t think of that. However, I’m not sure how applicable that would be if using USB3 and not C; it should just work as a generic dock at that point, no?

They work good on Macs too after they sorted out all the driver issues. Display link does the drivers. Docks are decent we use them in our enterprise environment, but it does do MAC pass through if that matters to you at all which most likely doesn’t :slight_smile:

Will the docking station connect to my home network via WiFi? Or is it lan cable only?

Great product. I replaced my awful TB-16 with this and it has been bulletproof.

I really like my D6000s. Have one at home, and one at work (where I made IT switch out a WD-15 or 19 for the D6000). I use it with my work Dell, as well as with my personal Lenovo Yoga 920 & 930. I did a lot of research, and this was the best dock for the Yogas - better compatibility than anything Lenovo offered.

do you know how many displays you can connect with this dock?

Is this enough to power the 15-16 inch macbooks? Also, do you know how many displays you can connect with this dock?

I JUST got this 2 weeks ago on the mothership for 7 dollars more… confirming (posting from it right now, actually) that a Surface works on it (won’t charge obviously).

Went to the mothership and was surprised to see its price has spiked almost $50 in those two weeks… this is the price I’d pay, if anyone’s on the fence. I have two monitors plugged in, but it has 3 ports (two display port and one hdmi)

So it can span on macs? Or I mean extend in windows to 3 additional monitors?

There is no wifi in these, only wired connection

I’ve only been able to connect 2 to this, I believe the HDMI and DP share a connection on one of these. I also don’t suggest them for performance video or high resolution as the on-board video processor isn’t the greatest. It also doesn’t pass video over USB 3, only USB C from my testing.
If you have too much connected over USB C, you may have weirdness ( I had 4 USB devices, Ethernet, and 2 displays), with everything I started having choppy audio from a USB headset. Very strange, but moving to on-board USB fixed it.

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