Dell D630 14.1" Intel 120GB SSD Laptop

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Dell D630 14.1" Intel 120GB SSD Laptop
Price: $149.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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64 bit but can only be upgraded to 4 megs of ram? Price was to good to be true

Original specs for this: It came with Win XP Professional 32 bit, 80 gig hard drive and a 6 cell battery.

This one is upgraded to Win 10 home, 120 SSD and a 3 cell battery. Seems like a very small battery for this.

Also, for those looking, this has DDR2 RAM, and the 4 GB RAM is 23.75 with Prime Shipping on Amazon.

I thought about it, but with a 3 cell battery on a 9 year old laptop isn’t worth this in my opinion, especially when you should REALLY spend the 24 bucks and upgrade the RAM.

[MOD: Not the same: SSD vs HDD, 1yr warranty vs 180 day]

not the same model …
Memory: 2GB of DDR2
Hard Drive: 160GB
ah… just noted the MOD already posted the difference…

That’s ok. I always appreciate the help. :happy:

Are you guys selling this as a vintage collectors item? Who the hell woul buy this piece of junk? Just buy a chrome book with current technology.

Last refurb I bought off here DOES NOT win10 well. I got it for my son and he’s already asking for a new one.

Yes, it’s hard to understand how a laptop that was first released in May of 2007, can be considered a good deal at ANY price. What’s next Commodore 64s? Strike that, I’d get one of those!

But really, the CPU is not even supported any more, the SATA interface is outdated, the optical drive is ROM only, when new ones are all DVD-RW, it uses DDR2, when DDR4 is already 2 years old, and the WiFi is only a/b/g when today’s media demands n and ac.

I honestly think anyone buying this would be quickly disappointed. :frowning:


Makes a nice word processor for those who want to sit and write. Doesn’t need a lot of power for that.

I just bought one of these off a government auction site. After upgrading to 4 Gigs of memory and installing Xubuntu OS, it runs like a champ.

I have 3 of them in my classroom and will likely buy more. They’re reasonably sturdy (except the keyboard keys) and with an SSD they run perfectly fine.

We use them to program robots and they’re so cheap if one gets dropped/stolen/broken they’re not too expensive to replace. And unlike a Chromebook you get a full Windows install and can run programming IDEs, use serial and USB ports, and they’re dockable with a cheap docking station to a full size keyboard and monitor.

Just because they aren’t useful to you doesn’t mean they’re not useful to anyone.

Yep, my pet peeve in life. Just because one person can’t see usefulness in something, it has to apply to the whole world.

If you are looking for an inexpensive 14-inch laptop, I suggest you pass by this old refurbished 6 lb beast and pick up a brand new 3.3 lb Asus E403SA for $399 at Woot’s sister site, Amazon. The E403SA has a 4 core processor, 4GB RAM, 128GB solid state (eMMC) drive and a 14 hour battery life. Oh yes, its screen is 1080P native.

This is a good solid laptop. We have used it, and it’s younger sibling the 620, for years in our business as an inexpensive laptop and/or field laptop.

But I think it’s $50.00 over priced. We were purchasing them refurbished for $150.00 two years ago. The price should be cheaper now.

This is a piece of junk, the SSD is slow and I could not load programs. The ram is limited and I was unable to load programs. Why would WOOT with its good reputation get involved in selling this bad computer. I am going to fight to return it.