Dell DJ 30GB Digital Jukebox

Me want monkey.

Kansas, eh?


Had one of these a couple years ago. Freaking awesome.

Cheapest I’ve ever seen a 30gb player for! If I needed one, I’d be all over this.

2002 called and wanted it’s digital dj back

This product is so old–double take required. 8-0

Holy old products, Batman!

I haven’t seen a Dell jukebox since around '03 or so.

Umm…the year 2000 called and they want their MP3 player back!!!

I still have a 5GB Dell DJ Mini in my desk drawer!!

Is this like one of them eye-podds?


Me too. But its missing the Apple logo.

Damn - Dell sure kicked Apple’s iPod with this gem…

As a Kansan, I sold 3 of these at my garage sale for 5 bucks each… Sucker?

I have (and still use) my original Dell Jukebox from about 4 (?) years ago - still works beautifully, holds a charge forever, and I’ve never found (or bought) a better one yet.

30 gigs? It’s a goood price for that size.

Is this any near as good as a Sansa?

If you’re into quality 5 year old mp3 players, this is the woot for you.

OK, we’ve established it’s OLD, but is it any good! I need something like this…