Dell DJ 30GB Digital Jukebox

off the subject - someone 'splain to a nOOb what “Deal.Woot Rep: XX/100” is (the triangle next to usernames

I have the 20gb version of this; hard drive, not flash
It works well. I just don’t use it much, with the Sansas being so more more portable and durable.
These are nifty, tho, and that is a great price.

Is it just me or does this look like it should be at Dollar Tree?

this is a very sad, half-assed product writeup.

"Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

Dell does not any Vista drivers for the Dell DJ and no plans to release any."

But has an equalizer…

so the hot tub time machine really worked

A propitiatory cable to top it off. Priceless.

Oh my God! I used to have one of these. Paid almost three times the price for it brand new a about four years ago. Really loved that thing, no copy protection or DRM issues like an iPod.

It was stolen out of my car and upon finding out Dell was discontinuing them, bought an iPod.

Anyone know if this works with Windows 7? Ready to push buy if it is…my Creative Zen 20gb, best player ever, just died.

Yes, its a quality player. I still have my 30GB and my 5GB one. They still both work flawlessly.

Well, I guess it’s too late now! Dang@

Oh…and I just totally found my Dell 512MB Ditty in the same drawer!!! W00t!!! 8^)

Two questions on this, one obvious:
Also, battery life? My 6 gig Sansa goes ~14 hours.
Any ideas?

Not sure why Dell quit making these. I have a 20 gb and it works great. Also works very well as an external hard drive. Set up is easy if you have the disk, otherwise the drivers are hard to find. I uploaded on demonoid but may need to seed that. Anyways, once it is set up you plug on to USB and drag and drop. I highly reccomend it.

This must be for the Hot Tub Time Machine!!

Next will be a Diamond Rio!

I had one of these back in the day and it was way better than the iPod of the same generation. I had a ditty too. I would much rather have a Sansta now!

Damn, knew it was old so I spent too much time looking for reviews online and missed out.

In for 1…30 gb for 45 bucks…yea

I always liked the “Danger Will Robinson!” stylings of the Dell DJ line.

Amazed that the 30gb dj v2 is still out there.

I went through a phase where i bought large quantities of broken mp3 players to repair for fun and profit. Got a 5gb mini DJ and the giant-arse original 20gb DJ too.

i had (and still have one of these) from before “ipod” “iphone” “ithis” or “ithat”. it still works great and i’m not a slave to “itunes”