Dell E1916HV 19in Monitor

Dell E1916HV 19in Monitor

2005 called they want their monitors back. Not sure I could even find a use for a free 19 inch 1366 x 768 monitor, much less one I had to spend 70 bucks on.


Yeah, this is the sort of monitor you’d find The Professor using on Gilligan’s Island. 1366 x 768, single VGA. ‘As primitive as can be.’

Thank you for letting us techless savvyless minions (and this is said thoughtfully) - truly appreciate it when others let us know the deal is zoink

The Mothership has refurbished ViewSonic 20inch 1080p monitors for $60 shipped; I’m building a Raspberry Pi lab and I’ve been getting these as cash flow permits. Much nicer than this Woot deal.

@zmerch good option for a 2nd monitor? I am going to try out the two monitor system for the first time and could use some guidance, please

The 21 inch FHD HP screens for 68 buck would be fine if you are looking for a good deal.