Dell E4310 13.3" Intel Core i5 Laptop

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Dell E4310 13.3" Intel Core i5 Laptop
Price: $149.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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[MOD: Dude, there is ZERO info there.]

CPU Benchmarks

[MOD: You linked the i5-520. This is the i5-520M.]

Quick review over at NotebookCheck…

Didn’t this model come out in 2010? Good buy for someone nostalgic for 5 year old technology - you could use it while talking on your iPhone 4 and playing with your iPad 1 - good times!

We’re all proud of your great achievements in life Big Bob. Not everyone can afford the latest and greatest of everything. My neighbor got laid off this summer so I’m buying this so she can give her junior high kid something for Christmas. Good Times.

Upgrade HDD to SSD and maybe put an additional 4GB of RAM totaling 8GB, and it should be alright for web surfing with a little touch of SSD’s amazingly quick random access speeds.

Forget about gaming. Unless you want to play minesweeper. Actually, newer, upgraded minesweeper might lag. My 5-year-old laptop lags when it first starts.

I have a question about refurbished laptops. Do they come with the original battery or is a new battery installed/supplied?

1 usb port

there are two
one is stand alone and one is e-sata/usb

But still kinda sparse

In theory you could get this and go up to an i7 640m and see this improvement:

Gave Vostro version of this laptop to son for HS graduation in 2011. MANY repairs. Display, hard drive, audio, battery connection and the case itself. He is graduating from college this week and the thing is literally held together by duct tape.

Don’t recommend but will say that the form factor is nice and performance is still more than adequate for basic use.

WHO refurbished this? You know we at Woot only trust Dyson to do our refurbishing.

I had the 15-inch version of this with the numpad as my work laptop for a few years. It got the job done, though build quality wasn’t the best. The touchpad buttons stopped working one of the shift keys got dodgy after a while.

I’m pretty gentle on electronics normally, so I didn’t really abuse the thing too much.

If it comes with the battery that awkwardly sticks out the back of it like shown in the picture, that’s the 6-cell one, as opposed to the 3-cell that fits within the form factor of the laptop itself. I’m also wondering if it’s a new battery, or a ‘refurbed’ one.

i5-520M benchmarks:

No webcam :frowning:

Funny thing is… i5 is STILL around 5 years later …still hasn’t gotten that much faster (just more efficient is all).

I have some of these laptops at work as part of our old fleet. I put 4-8GB RAM in them, SSD and they FLY. They are built better than their larger model cousin the E6410, I think mostly because of the smaller footprint it just feels much smaller, lighter.

Great laptops. I keep one around personally for doing lots of testing on, and have given several away that I upgraded, they are fantastic at the $150 price point for a small laptop with big power.

That’s a Vostro… barely a step up from Inspiron. Latitude is a whole class of it’s own. You can’t compare. That said, I would take any hard drive from any refurb PC period, and toss it out for an SSD.

Keep in mind being smaller thinner laptops the cooling systems in these (as well as any of this class, even brand new macbook air’s, etc)… they will only run at certain speeds for so long, then slow down to keep up with the heat loads. This is why I would never recommend getting an i7 in a smaller footprint laptop, an i5 is really all you need. Read up on burst speeds, longevity of rated speeds, etc over time in small form factor computers (such as laptops). Remember that benchmarks are only run for a few minutes, and not 8 hours a day.