Dell E6330 13.3" Intel i5 160GB SSD Laptop

MOD: Just FYI that’s an E6320 in the pic (wrong model). The E6x20 models had the orange ring around the keyboard. The E6x30 models were silver/grey (no orange ring).

Also, I don’t think the 160GB SSD is correct. This model came optioned with a 128GB SSD.

(I have about 120 of these with various options).

We’ll check on the image.

160GB SSD is correct per the vendor.

Can anyone confirm whether or not the laptop offered here has a webcam - I read conflicting things. Thanks.

No webcam per the specs. We don’t get samples of every laptop and must use stock images. Always go by the specs.

Thank you!

Pics are updated!

I own the same laptop for the last 3 years. I purchased mine via dell outlet and it didn’t have the camera and then i had some minor issue, dell replaced the laptop with the same one but ended up giving me the unit with webcam… It’s hit or miss. The unit is solid but screen resolution is not the best…