Dell E6410 14.1" Intel i5 2.4GHz Laptop

It is probably past time to get a new laptop. I have a chrome book but it doesn’t fill all my needs. So I am still using my old Toshiba Vista laptop–currently running windows 10,prevview.

I tried a net book a few years ago but the screen was small and I found that I needed a CD/DVD drive. I used to be very tech savy but I don’t have time to keep up with tech and still have a life. But since I mainly want it for word processing including Schrivener and maybe watching DVDs I figure any decent machine will fill my need.

So my question. . .can anyone check the specs and fell me if this laptop will fully run win10 and not need upgrading for at least 3 years?


Got mine, as described so I’m super stoked… however, the Win7Pro64bit was NOT installed… Has the product key, but no media and nothing bootable other than a BIOS message saying the hard drive was scrubbed…

Still - I’m a geek so I’ll see if the win10 freebie works… but yeah… MINE did not have Win7 installed…

Got this for my mom and works fine for the most part. Upgraded the Win7 to Win10 and seems fine. But beware the power adapter. Apparently part of the refurb was to ship it out with some horrible Chinese power adapter. This adapter causes the touchpad to stop working when plugged in. Hopefully they’ll just replace the adapter under warranty.