Dell E6420 14.1" Intel Core i5 Laptops

Question: Some photos of the laptop show an external battery attached to the back, others don’t. Is this luck of the draw or is the external battery photo incorrect? Could someone clarify?

I believe that the one stock photo is showing a larger 9cell battery. Ours comes with the 6cell battery.

The image has been removed to avoid confusion.

Watch out for the reduced warranty especially in the Dell, we got my mom one of these last year and 1 week after the limited warranty ran out the HDD and video card both died. Not fun… not fun at all. I’ve got it running but since dells win 8 don’t have the product key written anywhere except the motherboard, if the hdd dies you are SOL. I spent an hour and 3/4’s with one gentleman working on his language skills but never got the product key… never… Dude you’re getting a Dell.

This has a one-year warranty with Verified Systems Solutions Inc. as noted on the Features.

Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft no longer uses a physical product key affixed to the computer. They embed the product key in BIOS. That has nothing to do with Dell.

The E6420 is a nice last-gen business-class laptop. Should stand up to dings and whatnot quite well. I’ve used these at work for a few years and really like the keyboard and two-finger scrolling.

However, Walmart/Best Buy/Rakuten is chock full of these, many with i7s and SSDs, for $400 or less…if you want a better configuration I’d shop around.

The refurb laptop I bought from Woot had an enterprise Windows 7 key and was not eligible for the free Win10 upgrade. Also would not upgrade from a bootable usb drive.

Hi there. All refurbishers are required to affix (Win7) or install (Win8) a new license key when they reimage computers.

You might look for a second sticker on your computer.

Correct,but sticker key reports as invalid by MS.

Is the memory on this laptop upgradeable/expandable?

I got one of these from a similar refurbisher via moofi for my Mom last Christmas. She’s enjoyed it so far though my only complaint is that the one she got had a broken SD card slot. She didn’t want to mess with it and I was not going to be around to deal with an RMA so we never did anything about it, but they’re solid little machines.

Bought 2 of these back in March. I had to return one due to wireless connectivity issue. The one I kept is running out of battery power and I just ordered a replacement for $28. SD card reader is finicky at times. Woot customer service has been very helpful with return(RMA).