Dell E6420 14" Intel i7 500GB Laptop

This is a bullet proof laptop.!
Very rugged.!!!
Purchased this… for this low price and… replaced the HD with a 256g SSD, and upgraded the memory to 16gig.!
Replaced the CPU with a quad core i7 2720 QM 2.2ghz, for $100 from ebay…So for $490, I made this thing a quad core speed demon.!
And,…Ya get an extra 500gig external HD.!!!

Thanks for the info. I’m looking for something to use in my garage/basement surfing the web for manuals and videos. Did you have any trouble finding memory for it? Did you have to use DELL Memory or can you go off of NewEgg? What was the SSD? Sata-3 7mm?
Thanks again

thanks for sharing!
i have a question about this one ,
which is the cpu!
is it the “i7-2720QM” or the “i7-2620M”?

thx a lot!

The specs and “in-the-box” states Quad Core, but I see your worry as it states just “M” CPU in another place. Also states “8GB” RAM in one place and “16GB” in another. I’m holding off purchase until I hear from WOOT Staff.

CPU is an i7-2620M. Sale is corrected. We’ll be emailing anyone that bought it earlier.

it is “M” from the staff ,so i guess the price is not so ridiculous any more.

Corsair makes 8gig modules and a 2.5in Samsung 250 gig sata drive works. You can check out a How To Video on YouTube. Great vids on how to swap out drives and memory.
Purchased mine from Amazon.

I bought this when it was advertised as a quad core and I received no email. What I did receive was a dual core that’s worth about half this price.

Email is still in the works. I’ll ask about its status.