Dell E6430s 14" Intel i5 128GB SSD Laptop

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Dell E6430s 14" Intel i5 128GB SSD Laptop
Price: $279.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Nice machine, but a little slow.
I’d upgrade it with an i7-2720qm quad-core cpu. You can find them on ebay for a $100. I’d also max out memory to 16 gigs. Something like the Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 1600 MHz. That can be had for $40 p/8 gig module.
You won’t believe the increase in speed and performance.!!!
You will have to download the latest bios …A21, along with every windows update for Windows 7…and finally…update every driver in the machine. Using Driver Booster 3 from cnet downloads should help you
there. Although all of this is easy,…it is time consuming, but worth the effort. You’ll end up having a computer that would cost you twice what you’ve spent, and come away with a machine with much more capability than you’ll probably ever need…all for under $450.!!
I grabbed one at this it’s a speed demon after the mods.!!

good post m8, I bought the E6420 on woot around last xmas, they advertised it as having an i5 but when I got it, it only had an i3 2330. They refunded me $23… Mine was refurbished by I don’t know much about them. Overall I’m satisfied with mine. Using it now at work.

Out of the upgrades you mentioned. You did’t suggest an SSD. I’d definitely get a samsung SSD for this.

I just ran driver booster 3 also and it found alot of old drivers, so thx for that too.

It actually already has a SSD.

Yeah but it’s kinda small. Prices on SSD’s have dropped over the past few months so you can pick up a 500gb drive for what a 120 cost just months ago. I have a Samsung 850 Pro that is now half what I paid for it a year ago. And note, not all SSD’s are created equal. You can still get a decent fast SSD for a couple of bills. I put a 480gb SanDisk extreme pro in a media PC (another woot referb’d HP210 Workstation) and the drive was like 190 bucks. There’s a 2nd gen of this drive out that’s suppose to be faster but for the extra 50 bucks, I doubt it will that much faster. Here’s a list of decent drives that are not expensive and other than ram, one of the easiest upgrades that will reap the best benefits you can do.,3269.html

LOL you’ve apparently never used one of these before. This is just right for most uses.

I have 124 of these in my 600+ fleet of laptops.

All of them have performed well and lasted the 3ish years we’ve had them through many rough conditions. We use them not only in our corporate office, but also with remote staff spread out around the world. They come back dusty and dirty but have held up extremely well and are still very relevant machines today.

The stock 128GB SSD is the last gen sata, but still speedy enough for a quick buy and no upgrades. Win10 runs excellent on 4GB ram for everyday use.

If you are looking for upgrades, I would do 8GB upgrade (it has 2 RAM slots) and one of the newer gen SATA SSD’s (faster) in a 250GB or more.

But out of the box, upgrade it to Win10 and it’s a great experience for very little money.

The ONLY complaint I have is that the plastic they used for the center tabs in the USB ports have broken on several of ours. Dell says it’s not a design flaw, but none of our other models have done this.

Aside from that, these are excellent machines.

We’re in year 3 of our E6x30’s and I don’t plan to retire them for another 2 years in our office.

These would make a great graduation present for a high school student. Powerful enough for most applications need in college and won’t break the bank.

It will be an intersting trick unless you have no problem soldering a different socket on the MB. The i7-2720qm is a socket BGA1224 the processor in today’s woot I5-3320M is a socket BGA1023. Perhaps the one you modded was a slightly different model? Even if they were the same socket, the I5 is a 35 watt max TDP vs the I7 with a 45 watt max TDP- so you can’t even be sure that the stock heatsink and cooling would be appropriate.

When it’s all said and done, even if you could do these modifications, you’re left with a garbage 1366x768 screen. So is the time, effort and money really worth it?

I worked as a software developer for two years on one of Dell’s 768 monitors in the 15" format. It actually wasn’t bad, even for watching video and light gaming. In a 14" package it’s probably just fine for 99% of folks shopping this budget range.

I’ve since been upgraded to the 1080 display version (still in 15"), and while it’s noticeable it hasn’t transformed my life in any meaningful way.

My point was that I don’t think this laptop is worthy of $150 Of modifications. If you buy it for what it is, maybe add another 4gb of RAM, that should be about the extent of modifications on this. If you want something better, but something better to start with.

So the total storage space is only 128g?
Windows 10 must be taking most of that, so the user must not be left with much storage space for their own files. Agreed?

Windows 10 out of the box is only 10-15 GB. On my heavily-used developer machine it’s under 21GB. Most people promptly crap up their machines with junk programs and vertical videos of their dogs and blame Windows. With a little file discipline (cloud storage, occasional housekeeping), 128GB is very doable.

I don’t know about you, but I would get a full refund and not accept $23 plus an i3 when I was expecting an i5.

Yes, 1024X768 is pretty bad. Even CRTs had much higher resolution than that. 1080 displays are not much better. It’s sad that computer companies are following a TV standard instead of putting decent high resolution monitors on their machines.

I agree with this, except the cloud storage part. I wouldn’t trust my important stuff to someone else. You can buy a decent USB hard driver to hold your data and only keep software on the SSD driver.

Or SD card.!!

1080 displays (1920x1080) might not be the best thing out there, but to say they aren’t much better than 1024x768 is ridiculous. It’s giving you more than 2.6X the number of pixels in the same area.

The spec say different from in the box on the battery can anyone give me a thought on battery life? I have 4+ year old sony viao so I’m thinking this would be a major upgrade after adding 8gb of ram

This laptop is about a 4 year old laptop. The i5-3320M was launched in the 2nd quarter of 2012. What processor is your Vaio running?