Dell E6430s 14" Intel i5 128GB SSD Laptop

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Dell E6430s 14" Intel i5 128GB SSD Laptop
Price: $249.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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4/29/2016 - $279.99 - Click To See Discussion (22 comments)

Here a good review of this excellent laptop

Note that the review is from 2012, but still seems like a good laptop based on the specs and the pricing.

The WOOT spec’s say that this is a DELL E6430S (note the “S”), and the woot spec’s also state:

  • i5 Processor
  • Intel HD 4000 graphics

BUT when I click on the:

Note: We’re selling the E6430S, not the E6430. It has a smaller footprint and is lighter than the regular E6430. Learn More

button, the spec’s here say:

Intel i3 2350M that comes with the Dell Latitude E6430s.

Intel® HD Graphics 3000 for Intel Core i3 Processors Intel® HD Gr

You might want to clarify the spec’s of the exact model you are offering.

BTY, I have the Dell e6410, and it has been a very solid performer!

The E6430s is basically a Dell Latitude E6330 but with a 14" screen instead of a 13" screen. It was originally made available with multiple processors either Intel Core I3, I5, or I7 based on the original sales configuration.

The only downside of this system would be the WXGA LCD (1366x768) screen when the system was also available with the WXGA+ 1440x900 LCD (though sadly no known 1920x1080 14" LCD exist to my knowledge that work with this sytem). Though in theory if you knew either the Dell part number or the LCD MFG’s part number of the proper WXGA+ LCD it is trivial to change the screen out (remove the bezel, remove the 4 screws which attach the screen to the LCD cover, disconnect the LCD cable, and reverse to install)

On the plus side the DVDRW drive is hot swappable with either another DVDRW drive, an HDD/SSD (with proper adapter bracket), or a battery. On the battery aspect this system can have upto 3 batteries on it, the main battery (either standard or extended capacity), the DVDRW bay battery, and the Dell Latitude battery slice which connects to the bottom of the system. That is nice as you can keep it attached, except if you want to use it with the docking station or the E-Legacy extender (like a docking station but only gives a hardware serial (ideal for talking to Cisco and other brand routers that are serial only and other serial equipment) and parallel port along with extra USB ports and PS2 keyboard and mouse ports) so no video or other ports beyond what was listed with the E-Legacy extender, but it is nice as it is only an inch or so thick so you can just leave it attached to the system unless you need to take it off for the docking station.

As a Dell Certified Service Engineer I have always liked these machines, relatively robust with not to many out of the ordinary failures (everything will eventually fail but this model never stood out in that department except for the touchpad but those were usually DOA out of box or soon after when they failed so were handled under warranty but is also easily replaced if need be later).

you’re saying you’re sure the specs in the Woot write-up are correct,
and the specs that Woot linked, in pointing out what differences there are, when this unit has a cute “S” …
are the mistake?

I used one of these for a couple years and I can say its a fantastic laptop. Just recently I upgraded to a Dell Latitude E7450 which is a little smaller with a better screen (full HD). But the 5430s was a workhorse and it really was one of the smallest and lightest business class 14" laptops I’ve used. Really nice machine, definitely worth $250.

If there wasn’t a limit of 2 I would probably buy up 10 of them for work to replace aging E5500 and 5510’s.

I was given one of these on a plane recently. Great laptop, but it was loaded with all this flight software that only a pilot would need.

It’s this simple. I ordered one. If it has a I5 and works, I’ll keep it. If it has an I3, you’re getting it back with a grade of F for Honesty. No staff comments on this discussion?

How easy is this to upgrade to 8GB Ram?


I’m looking for a lightweight laptop with good battery life for a college student. I’m fine with upgrading the RAM and SSD and possibly adding an additional battery (in the DVDROM slot) Anyone know how many hours the included 32WH battery will last per charge? Would you consider this light?

I recently bought this laptop from best buy,

I looked at this today and saw the i5 and was saddened by my purchase, but if it turns out that it’s running an i3 for this price then I feel better, not great since for waiting a few months and an extra $50 would have gotten me some extra ram (don’t care so much about the memory, thats what usb 3.0 drives/my desktop computer are for) but without the i5 it definitely isn’t the steal it would have been.

I had one from work for a while… Upgraded to 8GB of RAM and it was a workhorse. Only complaint was the screen resolution and constant fan kicking in, but no failures or issues.

I am not stating if they are correct or not, I don’t work for Woot only they can answer that. All I was saying that the review site that was linked to was based on the particular system that was in front of them at the time, and that the system was available in a wide variety of configuration options so what one reviewer reviewed will not be the only configuration of something.

Th E6430s (and its smaller screen variant the E6330) was available with the Core I3, I5, and I7 processors, upto 16GB of memory, a variety of standard HDD’s and SSD’s, multiple battery options, multiple wireless card and bluetooth card options, and more based on how it was originally configured and sold as.

Woot is just listing the specs for what they are selling I bet, not the specs of the system that some faceless internet reviewer reviewed.

It is trivial to upgrade the memory. Remove a small number of screws from the bottom of the system, remove the access panel, remove currently installed memory, install new memory and reverse.

I can’t believe how many people are overreacting about the processor because the link is to an i3 variant. I assume the link was to let you know about the differences in the physical differences of the machine. I wish a woot staffer would confirm but, the 6430S model line came in i3, i5 and i7 processors. Just like most of the latitude line almost everything was configurable especially if you were buying them in bulk from their commercial sales department. We have i3, i5 and i7 versions in our inventory. Aside from the screen resolution these are rock solid and you would be hard pressed to get a professional grade laptop with better specs for this price.

Woot, are you sure this one doesn’t have a webcam? That’s the only deal breaker for me :(, please help me to confirm.

For these refurbs, it’s a mixed bag. They usually will only include the minimal specs and additions. What you get may have one. It may have a fingerprint sensor. It’s a close as the normal human being can get to a BOC on woot these days.

I bought one of these the last time I saw it on Woot (for $30 more at the time), and I upgraded it to 16GB of RAM, it was pretty easy. The bottom comes off as a single cover, not just a little door. If you look on youtube for a video of the 6430 (no S), it’s basically the same process for RAM upgrade. Very easy IMO.